Articles by Philip Mark

Insider Movements Defined...Biblically

Article by   June 2014
Insider Movement (IM) advocates arrive at their conviction by a variety of different ways. For example, the behavioral sciences are viewed as furnishing a hermeneutical key that unlocks both the Bible and the door into other religions. Other advocates of IM are bare pragmatists and find in IM a possible solution to reaching resistant peoples when all other options have been tried and apparently failed. Still others are universalists and see in other religions a spark that will spontaneously ignite into "christianities" of different forms. Then there are the ecumenicists outside of the evangelical camp who see the lines between Christianity and other religions as blurred beyond recognition. Lastly, there are the pietists who do not concern themselves with doctrine and perceive IM as a movement of the Holy Spirit authenticated by astonishing anecdotes. Some advocates are open to any of these avenues while others are more selective. continue

The Study Committee on Insider Movements Minority Report - Concrete or Abstract?

Article by   June 2014
The title "Realities on the Ground - An Additional Perspective" for Minority Report 2014 is misleading. What is set forth in this document is not a perspective that compliments or supplements the SCIM Report but rather one that is wholly contrary as it is founded on a contrary premise. What it claims to be "reality" is in fact based on abstractions. This essay argues that the SCIM Minority Reports, 2014 in particular, has confused what is concrete and what is abstract and thereby present a perspective that is not simply confused, but false. continue

Half-Devil, Half-Child - A Summary

Article by   June 2013
Editors' Note: This is a summary of the documentary, Half-Devil, Half-Child. You can preview the documentary and order it here.What is the great deception that has consistently threatened the missionary enterprise? It is the mistaken notion that we have something... continue

Insider Movements - Gutting the Bible

Article by   June 2013
Hindu-Followers-of-Jesus? Messianic Muslims? Is this something that we should be excited about? Or does it represent the most serious threat to the gospel that the modern missionary movement has yet encountered? David Garner's article "High Stakes: Insider Movement Hermeneutics and the Gospel" (1) is important because it gets under the skin of certain innovations in missions and to the heart of what they are missing - an organic, all-encompassing, gospel-centered hermeneutic. The message of the Bible, not only in its whole, but also in each of its parts, is the story of God's redemption of his people in Christ Jesus. I have spent most of my life among missionaries and institutions dedicated to reaching Muslims with the gospel. Ours is a unique frontier of Christian presence in the Muslim world, an Evangelical subculture, a sort of 'eco-system', if you will. A variety of perspectives and approaches have been cultivated in this eco-system for good and for ill, including what are known as Insider Movements (IM). continue
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