Articles by Matthew Holst

Loving God AND Your Country?

Article by   July 2013
Earlier this month, I read with interest Rick Phillips's piece on the Fourth of July celebrations in the context of a radically changing America. R.C. Sproul, Jr. also has a piece here which deals with the issue of Christian patriotism. Both are nuanced articles as far as blog posts allow. It is ironic, then, that the usual America right-wing bravado comes not from the Americans, but from the foreigner Liam Goligher who gives his thoughts on the "greatest country on earth". However, as a subject of the United Kingdom (though resident in the US) and as a Christian, one of Rick's points does not really resonate with me. He argues that "We [Americans] must continue to love our country. Nothing would more please or serve the radical secularists than for Christians to jettison their patriotic impulses". It is this idea of loving our country which occasions what follows. continue

Covenantal Worship and Christ's Authority

Article by   June 2012
In the various worship wars that continue to rage, there is one element (no pun intended) that is more dangerous than any other. I am not referring to the guitar vs. organ or the suit vs. casual debates. Nor I am referring to the debate about the role of women in worship. Rather I'm thinking of the duty vs. privilege debate. I was recently told that worship is not a duty of man, but a privilege. Man is therefore free to take or leave the worship of God as he pleases. continue

What John the Baptist Teaches us About the Gospel

Article by   September 2011
Preaching through John's gospel, I have paused to meditate upon the person and work of John the Baptist. Here was one who came as a "witness, to bear witness about the Light" (Jn 1:6). Consistently (1:7, 14, 20) we are told that the Baptist was not the Light but a witness to the Light. continue
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