Articles by Jason Helopoulos

Rejoice in the Midst of Suffering?

Article by   March 2015
We only need to read the headlines in the morning paper or turn on the evening news to have confirmed what we already know to be true, suffering is an ever-present companion in this world. As a result of the Fall, every individual throughout the history of humanity has known suffering and Christians are not exempt from this experience. Rather, in many ways the suffering Christians are called to endure can even be greater (John 15:20) than that which the unbeliever endures in this world. continue

Family Worship and Its Benefits

Article by   December 2013
Family worship. I know your reaction when you read those two words. I used to have the same response! Whenever that term or one like it was mentioned, I would inwardly cringe. Similar to the reaction many of us have when the word evangelism is uttered. Guilt begins to creep in, our shoulders begin to ache, and our spirits sink. We know that we don't practice family worship as often as we should. On some days we are not sure why. On other days we have a bag of ready excuses. continue

A Faith Worth Teaching

Article by   June 2013
Jon D. Payne and Sebastian Heck, eds., A Faith Worth Teaching: The Heidelberg Catechism's Enduring Heritage (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2013), 360ppIf you can keep a secret, I will share it with you: I am falling in love with the Heidelberg... continue
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