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I agree with Wesley on reprobation

Article by   August 2015
In one of my former posts on the darker side of predestination, I quoted the great Anglican scholar J.B. Mozley. He said, "There is no real distinction between abandoning men to a certain state, of which punishment will be the... continue

Toplady and Arminians. Or "You should pray, and get out more."

Article by   January 2015
Augustus Toplady once said that "it is not necessary to be timid in order to be meek." And I guess that must be right, glancing at the inspired examples in Galatians 5:12 or Matthew 23:1-33. It needs to be seen... continue

Wesley and the death of Toplady

Article by   January 2015
In my former forays into the dangerous territory of saying anything negative about the great and famous John Wesley, I foolishly mentioned his unusually positive views of the arch-heretic Pelagius ("Who was Pelagius? By all I can pick up from... continue

More work for the Wesleyans

Article by   December 2014
I must thank Professor McCall for his full and hearty (c.2000 word) response to what he (presumably ironically) calls my "essay" (a 500 word blogpost) on Wesley and Pelagius. Mark Jones has urged me to be brief, so even though... continue

'Pelagianism' calmly considered: A Response to Lee Gatiss

Article by   December 2014
I.  IntroductionI have always found Lee Gatiss to be a fine historian, so I was disappointed to see his claims in the recent "Wesley and Pelagius". He points out that Pelagius has been universally reviled and rejected in orthodox (Western)... continue

Wesley and Pelagius

Article by   December 2014
For century after century, one man has been the bogeyman of Western theology. He's the bad guy. The one nobody wants to be like. Yes, you guessed it: that old Welsh heretic, Pelagius. For centuries the malign influence of his... continue
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