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Rob Ventura on Spiritual Warfare

Article by   November 2016
Reformation21 contributor Rob Ventura was recently interviewed on the podcast Calvinist Batman. He was joined by Brian Borgman, his co-author on the book Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical and Balanced Perspective. Listen as they discuss Ephesians 6 and what spiritual warfare... continue

The privilege of dangerous seasons

Article by   January 2015
You will doubtless have heard on a number of occasions those who bewail the present day. I admit to having limited sympathy with those who argue that we are living in the absolute worst of times. I read of the... continue

A Key Strategy Against Satan

Article by   September 2012
The Dutch reformer Wilhelmus à Brakel (1635-1711) writes insightfully in his magnum opus, The Christian's Reasonable Service:   [The devil knows] that faith is the fountainhead of spiritual life, and he therefore seeks to obscure faith in all its activity.... continue
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