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Slavery and the Bible

Article by   September 2016
It is hard to imagine a more challenging historical and scriptural topic than slavery. It has become ammunition used by skeptics who have denounced the Bible as fundamentally immoral. I believe that maturing Christians should grapple with these kinds of Bible "problems," instead of just assuming that the Scriptures give us transparent answers to all of life and history's conundrums. continue

Race and the American Church-Part VI-Sin, Slavery, Silence and 'Separate but Equal'

Article by   August 2015
Before reading this article, please consider reading through the first five pieces as this article is best understood in the context of the others and reading the first five articles will enhance your reading of this one as each article builds on the previous one. Article five focused on the institution of slavery and how race as a social construct affected American Christians from 1620-1860 as they justified the institution of slavery and the mistreatment of African people whom they viewed largely as a sub-human species. My friend and colleague Dr. Miles Smith has expounded on this idea in the minds of antebellum southern Christians through a recent post here. continue

Preserving Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce

Article by   February 2007
  Rarely has one man stood up against so many opponents--or against so great an evil--for so long and with so little encouragement, before finally meeting with such a complete triumph, as William Wilberforce in his long battle against the... continue

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Scripture, Slavery, and Social Activism

Article by   November 2016
Last year I finished a short sermon series on the book of Ephesians. One of the sections of Ephesians which I approached with a sense of fear and trepidation was that which deals with the relationship between masters and slaves... continue

Flight vs. Freedom: Calvin on Hagar (Gen. 16)

Article by   August 2015
"Hagar, servant of Sarai." So the angel of the Lord addressed the Egyptian slave (Gen. 16.8) who had the great misfortune to be drawn into Abraham and Sarah's scheme to assist the realization of God's promise (Gen. 16.1-6). Upon the... continue

Slavery, Expatriation, and Prosperity: Calvin on Gen. 11.31 - 13.4

Article by   June 2015
Scripture's account of Abraham's trip from Ur to Canaan via Haran, subsequent ramble through the Promised Land, and short but eventful stay in Egypt before rewinding his course through Canaan, provides Calvin with ample opportunity to reflect upon the nature... continue

Alexander McLeod's 1802 work, "Negro Slavery Unjustifiable: A Discourse"

Article by   February 2010
In honor of it's bicentennial, Reformed Presbyeterian Theological Seminary ( in Pittsburgh PA) is releasing digital copies from it's rare books room free to the public. This month, in conjunction with Black History month, RPTS is featuring Alexander McLeod's 1802... continue
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