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IRBSTS Presidential Inauguration

Article by   September 2018
The Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul instructed Timothy (and each Gospel minister) not to be innovative or novel in his ministry, but to be faithful, when he gave the following charge: "The things which you have heard from me... continue

Benefits of Theological Education in the Local Church

Article by   May 2018
In the previous post, we considered the rationale behind a local church model of theological education. In this post, we want to turn our attention to five potential benefits of such a church-based theological education model: In-person instruction, mentoring, and... continue

Theological Education and the Local Church

Article by   May 2018
Theological poverty is rampant in the majority of the Western Church today. North American evangelical/Protestant churches are suffering an endemic deficiency with regard to biblical and theological understanding. This is no new assessment,1 and the consequences to our spiritual health... continue

What I Wish I Had Learned in Seminary

Article by   April 2014
Seminary changed my life. Spending time both inside and outside the classroom with my godly professors, learning from them, praying with them, and receiving counsel from them revolutionized my walk with Christ. I cannot remember a time when my professors... continue
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