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Psalm 107: "Oh give thanks to God our Saviour"

8 7. 8 7. D (Hyfrydol)
Psalm 107
Oh give thanks to God our Saviour
For his mercy rich and free;
Sing his praise who find his favour,
Rescued from the enemy.
Every land gives up his chosen,
Gathered up from east and west;
North and south send forth his people,
Each redeemed and fully blessed.

Fainting souls without a city,
Thirst and hunger pierce each breast;
Sheep who need the Shepherd's pity,
Weak and weary, needing rest.
When their cry goes up to heaven,
When they seek the God of grace,
He delivers them, and leads them
Forth to a blest dwelling place.

Lost souls sit in death's cold shadow:
Chains, afflictions, bind them tight.
Once they scorned the Lord of glory,
Now they quake before his might.
When such souls cry out to Jesus
Darkness brightens, chains will break:
Death's cold shadow holds no longer
Those redeemed for Jesus' sake.

Fools, afflicted in transgression,
Soon arrive at death's dark gate.
Bowed beneath guilt's harsh oppression,
Hopeless, lost, for death they wait.
Seek the God who rules in heaven,
To the Lord your cries increase;
He will save from dire destruction,
Give souls healing, grant them peace.

Those who go upon the ocean
There behold God's mighty hand.
When he raises storms and terrors,
Who before his power can stand?
Turn to Christ and plead his favour,
His word calms the mounting waves;
Find your refuge in the Saviour
Who from every terror saves.

See the increase of the righteous,
How God sets the poor on high!
Therefore bless him, sing his praises,
All his glories magnify.
Thank the Lord for all his goodness,
Poured upon us like a flood;
Understand his lovingkindness,
Ransoming by Jesus' blood.
Jeremy Walker

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Psalm 21: "The king shall have joy in your might"

8 8. 8 8. D (Cleveland)
Psalm 21
The king shall have joy in your might,
And in your salvation rejoice;
You gave him his heart's true delight,
And heard the request of his voice;
You met him with blessings untold,
And set a gold crown on his head;
His days rolling on from of old;
He asked, you gave life from the dead.

His glory is great when you save,
Enrobed in divine majesty;
He smiles at the blessings you gave,
Your face he rejoices to see.
In all things he trusts in the Lord,
And nothing his faith shall erode;
He rests in the truth of your word,
In mercies so freely bestowed.

Your hand shall your enemies find,
Your wisdom their plot overthrows;
To fire and to judgment consigned -
A terrible end for your foes.
But you are exalted on high,
Before you your enemies cower;
And none can your purpose defy:
We'll sing to the praise of your power.
Jeremy Walker

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Psalm 150: "Oh come and praise the Lord"

6 6. 6 6 (St. Cecilia)
Psalm 150
Oh come and praise the Lord,
Praise in his sanctuary;
Come, praise him in the heavens,
On earth with bended knee.

Give praises for his deeds,
And reach for fitting words,
Enlarge your hearts to hymn
The glories of the Lord.

With heart and hand and voice,
Praise him both loud and long;
Give to the triune God,
The praises of your song.

So let us praise the Lord
As long as he gives breath;
Then praise him better yet
Beyond the gates of death.
Jeremy Walker

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Psalm 63: "O God, my Strength, the early hour"

L.M. (Wilton)
Psalm 63
O God, my Strength, the early hour
Of every day your praise shall claim.
My soul desires to taste your power,
And see the glory of your name.

Life's glories fade beside your love,
My lips and hands shall give you praise;
Blessings poured out from stores above
Bring sweet abundance all my days.

I think upon you in the night,
Rest in the shadow of your wing:
You are my help, my soul's delight,
And of your grace I gladly sing.

My soul will closely follow you;
Your hand upholds and comforts me.
My God shall bear me safely through,
I need not fear my enemy.

Soon shall be stopped the lying voice,
But I shall glory in your grace.
In God, my Strength, I shall rejoice,
All my delight to seek your face.
Jeremy Walker

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Psalm 16: "In you, O Lord, I put my trust"

L.M. (Rockingham)
Psalm 16
In you, O Lord, I put my trust;
Preserve me in my time of need,
I lie before you in the dust,
And have no goodness there to plead.

Among the saints on earth I reap
Pleasures exceeding all below;
This is the company I keep,
These are the truest friends I know.

Let others choose the stuff of earth,
And worship empty idol thrones;
My riches spring from heavenly birth,
Through Jesus who for sin atones.

I bless the Lord who counsel gives,
And in the darkness grants me light;
I stand near him who ever lives,
Secure and happy in his might.

My heart will therefore gladly sing,
Possessed of an eternal joy:
In life and death with Christ my King,
A bond that nothing can destroy.

You show your saints the path of life,
Great joy with you whom we adore;
An end to every grief and strife
At your right hand forevermore.
Jeremy Walker

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Psalm 1: "How greatly favoured is the man"

C.M. (Beatitudo)
Psalm 1
How greatly favoured is the man
Who, by the grace of God,
Walks not in step with sinful men,
Nor treads the sinner's road.

The seat of mockers holds no joy:
All wickedness is spurned
By them whose love is for the law,
Who righteousness have learned.

God's precepts are their first delight,
His statutes are their joy,
And constantly his holy Word
Their thoughts and lips employ.

Thus fed by everflowing streams
The blessed ones take root,
And in their season, pruned and fed,
Each brings forth heavenly fruit.

No foul disease is in their leaf,
No famine do they know;
In meditating day and night
God's saints forever grow.

The wicked cannot claim the same
For when the wind comes up
Like chaff they will be swept away:
They drink a bitter cup.

They cannot stand before the Lord
At judgement's awful hour;
They will not stand among the saints
Who praise God's saving power.

In all these things the Lord is just,
His knowledge is complete.
The righteous and the wicked both
Their proper end shall meet.
Jeremy Walker

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