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Psalm 107: "Oh give thanks to God our Saviour"

Article by   December 2013
8 7. 8 7. D (Hyfrydol)Psalm 107Oh give thanks to God our SaviourFor his mercy rich and free;Sing his praise who find his favour,Rescued from the enemy.Every land gives up his chosen,Gathered up from east and west;North and south send... continue

Psalm 21: "The king shall have joy in your might"

Article by   March 2013
8 8. 8 8. D (Cleveland)Psalm 21The king shall have joy in your might,And in your salvation rejoice;You gave him his heart's true delight,And heard the request of his voice;You met him with blessings untold,And set a gold crown on... continue

Psalm 150: "Oh come and praise the Lord"

Article by   December 2012
6 6. 6 6 (St. Cecilia)Psalm 150Oh come and praise the Lord,Praise in his sanctuary;Come, praise him in the heavens,On earth with bended knee.Give praises for his deeds,And reach for fitting words,Enlarge your hearts to hymnThe glories of the Lord.With... continue

Psalm 63: "O God, my Strength, the early hour"

Article by   September 2012
L.M. (Wilton)Psalm 63O God, my Strength, the early hourOf every day your praise shall claim.My soul desires to taste your power,And see the glory of your name.Life's glories fade beside your love,My lips and hands shall give you praise;Blessings poured... continue

Psalm 16: "In you, O Lord, I put my trust"

Article by   June 2012
L.M. (Rockingham)Psalm 16In you, O Lord, I put my trust;Preserve me in my time of need,I lie before you in the dust,And have no goodness there to plead.Among the saints on earth I reapPleasures exceeding all below;This is the company... continue

Psalm 1: "How greatly favoured is the man"

Article by   May 2012
C.M. (Beatitudo)Psalm 1How greatly favoured is the manWho, by the grace of God,Walks not in step with sinful men,Nor treads the sinner's road.The seat of mockers holds no joy: All wickedness is spurnedBy them whose love is for the law,Who... continue
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