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Augustine's Theology of Preaching

Article by   November 2018
Augustine's Theology of Preaching is an excellent resource for the student and preacher alike who desire to more fully understand preaching in a historical and theological context. continue

Seven Marks of a Puritan Pulpit Ministry

Article by   February 2017
In its reform of the pulpit ministry of England, assembly members agreed on the rough outlines of a sketch of preachers and preaching. This final study summarizes seven points of a mainstream puritan vision for the pulpit as articulated by the Westminster assembly and its members. continue

God's Ambassadors: Advice for Preachers

Article by   November 2016
If a hundred preachers could agree on advice to be given to other ministers, it would probably be worth weighing their wisdom on the subject. This is just what the Westminster Assembly offered in a "sub-directory" on preaching within the body's larger Directory for Worship. continue

The Westminster Assembly and the Debate about the Word

Article by   July 2016
In concluding that the public reading of the Scriptures is a ministerial task, the assembly did not appeal to direct examples, but argued instead that it reached its conclusion "by just consequence." continue

God's Ambassadors: The Westminster Assembly and the Reform of the English Pulpit, 1643-1653

Article by   April 2016
The assembly of divines that authored a famous confession of faith, catechisms, and much more, met in Westminster, now a suburb of London, in the middle of a bloody civil war that tore apart, England and Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. The English parliament, for a variety of reasons, raised an army to try to rein in the power of the king and to gain reforms in taxation, religion, and political process. The English parliament was called the Long Parliament because it met for a long time (1642-1653). continue

The World in the Church: A Distracted World, a Distracted Church?

Article by   October 2015
How does the world get inside the church? The prince of this world is not modest in his schemes or unambitious in his aspirations: his attack on the Son of God reveals the insane over-reach of his pride. Sometimes he might use subtle and insidious means, but he is just as capable of attacking the church at the very point where her divinely ordained defence is focused. Thus while the elders of the church are appointed by God for her protection (Acts 20:28-31), Satan is ready to attack them in order to undermine the church. continue

In Defense of the Ass: Is the Sermon a "Relic of the Reformation?" [Part 2]

Article by   May 2015
For Paul, being trendy was a decidedly bad idea when it comes to preaching. He warned that people "will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions." (2 Tim 3) But the most compelling reason to resist the "relic hypothesis" is found in one of the most monumental treatments of preaching by Paul in 1 Corinthians 1. continue

In Defense of the Ass: Is the Sermon a "Relic of the Reformation?"

Article by   April 2015
Recently I was presented with a question about preaching. "Given that contemporary communication studies show that people learn better with a Q&A format, should we abandon the traditional form of the sermon?" The stated premise behind the question was that the sermon form as we know it is a "relic of the Reformation" for which there is no biblical sanction. continue

Why is So Much Preaching So Poor?

Article by   November 2013
Preaching is fundamental to Protestantism. The proclamation of God's word is the primary means by which the Christian encounters God. So the obvious question is: why is so much preaching so poor? continue

Preaching Like Peter?

Article by   November 2013
Judging from the number of books about preaching churning from the presses each year, Christian ministers are constantly looking for ways to improve their preaching. This desire for improvement is commendable. If we are to grow in grace (2 Pet 3:18), and to fan into flame those gifts that God has entrusted us (2 Tim 1:6), then every minister ought to aspire to grow in his preaching (cf. 1 Tim 4:15). No preacher is so good (or bad) that he cannot be better. continue

Begging the Question

Article by   July 2012
I suspect that those of you who hear a fair amount of preaching have experienced this, haven't you? Somewhere along the line the preacher has been informed that a rhetorical question is a good way to engage his congregation, hasn't he? And so what does he do? Well, he uses them almost relentlessly, doesn't he? Doesn't he make sentences that don't need to be questions into questions? If in doubt - and perhaps this is the most distressing approach - he even throws in some form of interrogation at the end of most sentences, doesn't he? continue

A Question of Priorities

Article by   June 2012
What are the priorities of preachers and teachers of God's word to be? Given that we are today celebrating the graduation of a class of students, many of whom will be moving into pastoral ministry, it seems apposite to spend just a few moments reflecting on Paul's priorities for ministers. Of course, we can scarcely do that in any comprehensive manner in the time we have and so I will focus on just one verse from Paul's first letter to Timothy. continue

The Holy Spirit, His Ministry, and the Preacher of God: Part 2

Article by   November 2011
One final, yet crucial aspect of the Holy Spirit's ministry, which must be considered in relationship to the preacher of God, is that of power. continue

A Model Sermon:

Article by   March 2011
Learning from Peter's PreachingIf you have young children or grandchildren in your family, perhaps you've seen the Disney-Pixar film, A Bug's Life.  The movie imaginatively portrays life in an ant colony which is visited annually by a group of marauding... continue

Preaching to People?

Article by   June 2010
Relatively early in my preaching career I had the opportunity to preach the opening sermon at a conference.  The main conference speaker was a man that I consider to be one of the finest preachers of our times.  After hearing... continue

Preaching Romans

Article by   March 2010
I am currently preaching through Paul's letter to the Romans. Romans is arguably the greatest letter ever written. It is majestic in its theme and scope. It proclaims the gospel, the good news that sinners can be saved from God's wrath because of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and through faith in Christ alone. continue

How to Listen to a Sermon

Article by   April 2007
How to Listen to a SermonUnderstanding the TimesDerek Thomas   Sermons! They are the stuff of jokes! Like this on, which makes the rounds in different guises: "Barbara remains in the hospital and needs blood donors for more transfusions.... continue

Sermons on the Beatitudes

Article by   December 2006
Calvin's sermons were delivered extempore, taken down by the remarkable Denis Raguenier, published by the diaconate of Geneva, and the proceeds used to support refugees. Initially, Calvin was not keen on them being published, but when he saw the level... continue

The Rise of Evangelicalism: The Age of Edwards, Whitfield, and the Wesleys

Article by   August 2005
One of the binding chapters of the Directory for Worship for my denomination instructs the minister presiding at the Lord's Table to "invite all those who profess the true religion, and are communicants in good standing in any evangelical church."... continue

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Worship and the Christian's True Identity

Article by   October 2019
The whole of the Christian life can be summed up in these two little words (favorites of the Apostle Paul): "in Him." Our union with Christ is the definitive aspect of our salvation and our status before God and others,... continue

When to Speak Out? A Pastor's Engagement with Current Issues

Article by   August 2019
For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. . . .a time to keep silence, and a time to speak. (Ecclesiastes 3:1,7) A pastoral colleague recently bemoaned, "It feels like I get hammered if... continue

Pastor, Keep Preaching the Gospel to Yourself!

Article by   July 2019
Do you want to be a gospel-centered pastor? Just keep preaching the gospel. Doing so is much more than merely pinning John 3:16 to the tail of every sermon or conversation. The first person we must preach the gospel... continue

Defending Door-to-Door and Open Air Evangelism

Article by   July 2019
I first met Nick Batzig in 1993 when I became the pastor of Golden Isles Presbyterian Church (PCA) on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Nick and his family were members of the church. Nick was sixteen years old and a member of... continue

Pastor, Keep Preaching the Gospel!

Article by   July 2019
As I was busy rushing from one place to another, I noticed a man looking at me with a big smile on his face. He had just stepped out of a work van and was doing some sort job nearby.... continue

Serious and Sensitive Preaching About Hell

Article by   June 2019
What is the preacher to do with hell and eternal punishment? In our day and age these truths strike some as comical and others as cruel. To some, hell is a joke. It's about little devils in red tights... continue

When It Happens Among Us...

Article by   May 2019
Great sadness and shock have struck the denomination of which I am a minister--the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. That shock pales in comparison with the tragedy faced by the members of Chabad Poway who suffered grievous loss at the hands... continue

Questioning Our Preaching

Article by   March 2019
The transition from preaching occasionally to preaching weekly came for me a little more than three years ago as I was called from an associate pastor position to lead a church plant. My preaching courses in seminary and the... continue

A Call for Gospel Centered Preaching

Article by   February 2019
God saved me at a conference at which John Piper was speaking in Atlanta in 2001. Through his public ministry, Dr. Piper has been one of the most influential men in my life. Last month, he wrote a post, Should... continue

Augustine's Theology of Preaching

Article by   November 2018
From its inception, preaching has held a prominent place within the life and advance of the church. A current revival of expository ministry is being cultivated throughout the evangelical world. However, such renewed awareness and commitment to an expositional... continue

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Article by   July 2018
I recently wasted four of five minutes of my life watching a clip of a segment of a sermon by a well known mega-church preacher. Over the past five years, this individual has reinvented his preaching style. Once a more... continue

From the Ears to the Brain to the Heart

Article by   July 2018
Shortly before college I read Mortimer Adler's little classic How to Read a Book. That may sound like an odd title. After all, how could somebody read the book unless they already knew how to read? And if they... continue

Everyone Plays a Part in Preaching

Article by   June 2018
Every Christian needs to understand the theology of preaching in Scripture because Christ designed every Christian to sit under sermons. Yet are there ways for all believers to participate in sermons? All Christians, and not the preacher only, should... continue

The Pulpit Direction

Article by   May 2018
Preaching Christ is part of the definition of preaching, but it is not the only task of preachers. Warning every man and teaching every man in order to present every man perfect in Christ (Col. 1:28) requires wise and... continue

Expository Enough?

Article by   March 2018
Most preaching that self-identifies as expository is simply not expository enough. The basic etymological definition of expository is to expose the meaning of the biblical text.1 What is key to fleshing out that definition is rightly reckoning what one means... continue

A Pattern for Preaching Christ

Article by   March 2018
As children learn by watching their parents, so preachers and hearers learn much by looking at the Apostles. The principles taught in the preceding nine post risk resembling a shapeless cloud instead of a face reflected in a mirror... continue

Essential Tools for Preaching Christ (Part 3)

Article by   February 2018
When a man and a woman are engaged to be married they can hardly talk about anything else. In fact, we might suspect that something is wrong if they don't express excitement about the wedding. The church is espoused... continue

Essential Tools for Preaching Christ (Part 2)

Article by   January 2018
Sound exegesis is insufficient for sound preaching. This assertion might seem surprising in light of the popular resurgence of consecutive expository preaching. While we should welcome and encourage the shift toward expository preaching due to its emphasis on biblical... continue

Free R.C. Sproul Downloads

Article by   January 2018
Until the end of the month, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is giving our readers the opportunity to download audio from a variety of Conferences at which R.C. spoke over a 30 year period. If you visit Reformed Resources, you... continue

When Preaching is Not Your Thing...

Article by   January 2018
Pastoral ministry is exceedingly difficult; and, anyone would be hard pressed to find a pastor who hasn't entertained the thought of what life would be like if he were to do something else. Loving God, His church, and His... continue

Preaching and the Mission of the Trinity

Article by   November 2017
Every divine work reflects God's Triunity. This means that if we want to understand what God is doing in our lives we must begin with who God is. The Father always acts through his Son and by his Spirit.... continue

Aiming to Preach with Aims

Article by   June 2017
We need to hear Christ in order to believe in him for salvation (Rom. 10:14). Ordinarily we hear his voice through his ordained ambassadors as they preach the gospel in demonstration of the Spirit's power (Rom. 10:15; 2 Cor.... continue

How Then Should We Preach?

Article by   May 2017
However well constructed and attractive, a car is useless without fuel. On the flip side, a motor may have fuel without being a vehicle. Likewise, preaching is a vehicle that requires fuel. God designed preaching to bring us to... continue

The Necessity of Preaching

Article by   April 2017
Salvation is an expansive term. It essentially means "safety." Salvation includes the application of Christ's work from the new birth, through faith and repentance, to Justification, adoption, sanctification, and glorification. Christians share in Christ's benefits because they are united... continue

Preaching Christology or Preaching Christ: What is Preaching?

Article by   March 2017
Good teaching begins with definitions. Effective schoolteachers tell their students what they are doing and why in order help students learn well. This often means defining terms specific to each subject. Math students need to learn what a hypotenuse... continue

Borrowed Conviction

Article by   December 2016
It has happened a few times before. It happened again recently. Someone without a good church gets in touch, referred by a mutual friend. Or someone drops an email asking for advice. Or there is a conversation at a... continue

Preparing Sermons with John Owen

Article by   October 2016
After a cracking day at the Evangelical Library in London on "Reading John Owen" (opening, it has to be said, with Nigel Graham giving what may be one of the finest popular introductions to the life of Owen that... continue

The Need for a Ministerial Break Down

Article by   October 2016
"We keep our preaching basic because we have so many new believers. If we give them too much doctrine, they won't be able to understand it." I can't remember how many times I've heard church planters and pastors say such things.... continue

What Andy Stanley Has Forgotten

Article by   October 2016
What Andy Stanley has forgotten is that conversion to Christianity involves a supernatural rebirth that requires the Word of God. Forgetting this essential truth has been the tendency of the seeker-sensitive church-growth movement. This vital truth is forgotten wherever sociology is... continue

The Missing Message

Article by   September 2016
While preparing talks for a forthcoming Reformation Conference, I happened across Heiko Oberman's outstanding 1961 Theology Today lecture, "Preaching and the Word in the Reformation," in which he set down what he believed to have been the three most important... continue

Kierkegaard (of all people?) on Authority and Eloquence in Preaching

Article by   August 2016
Søren Kierkegaard is surely one of the most influential and misunderstood influences on modern Western thought and especially contemporary theology. This is a bit surprising for someone who wrote in Danish and styled himself neither a philosopher nor a... continue

More Goodness Showed To Us Than to Christ

Article by   January 2016
Christians affirm that God is good, but just how good is God? We can speak of him being "infinitely good" but that still doesn't help the person in the pew much. People need specifics.Is it possible that God could show... continue

On Long Sermons and Family Feuds

Article by   December 2015
As is generally known, the Reformation entailed a recovery of preaching as a central feature of worship, a recovery which was rooted in the recognition that Scripture names proclamation of God's law and gospel as the means of creating and... continue

Living in Athens

Article by   January 2015
A couple of times a month, as God enables us, the church which I serve attempts to proclaim the gospel in the centre of our town, preaching in the open air, handing out tract-invitations, and engaging in conversation with those... continue

Preaching pure and simple

Article by   December 2014
I had a delightful day yesterday at the Grace Baptist Church in Edlesborough, hearing Stuart Olyott run about 60 men of varying ages and backgrounds through what it meant to preach the Word of God. Two morning sessions encouraged us... continue

Trouble and rest

Article by   November 2014
I have a deep appreciation for the earliest Princeton men. Archibald Alexander, for example, mixes deep scriptural insight and wisdom, developed by assiduous study, with a rich and experimental piety, a happy blend too rare today. I have also been... continue

Gospel ripples

Article by   September 2014
In our efforts to make Christ known where God has put us, we have regular meetings to preach the gospel in a village outside our town. It is a hard place, not surprisingly given that it is full of hard... continue

Subjects suitable to an immortal being

Article by   July 2014
A reminder from Spurgeon to deal in our ministry with subjects suitable to an immortal being, taken from a sermon on The Word of the Cross (#1611):If I were able to explain to a general audience how to make unlimited... continue

Up from Down Under

Article by   July 2014
I have arrived home from a delightful visit to the beautiful land of Australia. My first few days were in Sydney, where I preached at the Truth of the Gospel conference on the topic of "The Brokenhearted Evangelist." On the... continue

Do You See What I See?: A Glimpse from the Pulpit

Article by   May 2014
Dear Church*,In his book, Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture, Graeme Goldsworthy remarked, "The act of proclaiming, or preaching, was not the giving of opinions or of reinterpreting old religious traditions in new and creative ways. It was proclaiming... continue

Defending Eutychus

Article by   April 2014
A recent book enjoys the witty title, Saving Eutychus. The book itself is intended to encourage and assist preachers to preach engaging sermons in the hopes of preventing their congregations tumbling out of windows to their death, or something along... continue

Ministering to the middle classes

Article by   January 2014
A little while ago, a friend wrote an article entitled "My Ministry is Harder Than Yours (and Other Lies We Tell)." The author, Mez McConnell, is a pastor in Edinburgh and one of the architects of 20schemes, a ministry seeking... continue

Your spiritual appetite

Article by   November 2013
This day was the best that I have seen since I came to England. . . . After Dr. Twisse had begun with a brief prayer, Mr. Marshall prayed largely two hours, most divinely, confessing the sins of the members... continue

Guessing and gauging the street preacher

Article by   October 2013
A couple of interesting questions have come in following the recent piece on street preaching, and it might be helpful to offer some answers in this same environment.First, no, I did not have any particular individual or group in mind... continue

Thoughts on street preaching

Article by   September 2013
In recent weeks there has been a spate of arrests of Christian brothers in the UK involved in street preaching and other open-air witness. As someone who preaches in this way fairly regularly, this is obviously a matter of interest... continue

Press on for the "Well done!"

Article by   September 2013
Another snippet from Fuller, this time from an ordination sermon from Matthew 25.21, concerning the work and encouragements of the Christian minister. As he does often in such writings, Fuller fixes his eye on the last day and the great... continue

Hall of fame

Article by   September 2013
On the plane to Glasgow yesterday I enjoyed finishing off Robert Hall Sr.'s Help to Zion's Travellers, edited by Nathan Finn (Borderstone Press, from Amazons US and UK). It is a volume developed from a sermon preached by Hall in... continue

A preacher's nightmare

Article by   June 2013
Like many dreams, the details began to fade very rapidly, only a few of them sticking, but the vivid impression remains.In this dream, I had (I presume) been invited to preach. I knew the building, more or less. It housed... continue

Plainness in preaching

Article by   April 2013
The Word of God must be preached plainly and simply, not in allusions and doubtful terms, not in innuendoes and learned phrases; not in words which man's wisdom teacheth, but in words which the Holy Ghost teacheth; not with the... continue

The preacher's vocal hygiene

Article by   April 2013
No, not advice about brushing your teeth regularly, flossing wisely, or avoiding Stilton and garlic soup before that pastoral visit - that would be oral hygiene. This is - to give it its technical name - vocal hygiene: keeping the... continue

The unavoidable fact of our utter inadequacy

Article by   March 2013
Preachers are meant to be conduits for the pure word of God. Sometimes the pipe gets dirty and what comes out is impure. Sometimes the pipe gets clogged and the truth gets impeded. Some preachers have poorer settings: trickle, fine... continue

Preaching Christ

Article by   January 2013
A last snippet, for now, from Thomas Foxcroft's The Gospel Ministry once more, fairly early on in his sermon, exhorting himself and other ministers to preach Jesus in every sense:Ministers then must study to feed their flocks with a continual... continue

Review: "The Gospel Ministry"

Article by   January 2013
The Gospel MinistryThomas FoxcroftSoli Deo Gloria (RHB), 87pp, hbkISBN 978-1-56769-061-3This unusual but highly profitable little volume is a preacher's own ordination sermon. It was preached in 1717 by Thomas Foxcroft as he set out to demonstrate to the congregation which... continue

Of excellence and failure

Article by   November 2012
Last Sunday I failed again. I often fail on the Lord's day, but this Sunday evening was one of those particularly noticeable occasions. There were a number of factors at play, as there always are, but there was at least... continue

Concerning plainness in preaching

Article by   November 2012
Although some of the phrasing is a little dusty, and the period needs to be borne in mind, there is some sound advice here about the pursuit of plainness in preaching from William Plumer:The Word of God must be preached... continue

The free offer of the gospel

Article by   November 2012
Not long ago, I received a very generous offer. One of the current glitterati of the evangelical scene was going to be preaching, and I was invited to go along and hear him speak . . . in person .... continue

A Puritan preacher remembered

Article by   August 2012
Dr William Bates preached the funeral sermon of Thomas Manton. When we read how he described his departed friend, we understand why it is reported that Bates would weep whenever he spoke of Manton for some years after his friend's... continue

A closing plea

Article by   August 2012
How would you close a sermon? How would you bring to an end a sermon in which you were pleading for sinners to receive God's great pardon for sin? Here is an example from Spurgeon, preaching from Psalm 25.11 ("Pardon... continue

The beauty of concealed scholarship

Article by   May 2012
Wilhelmus à Brakel offers some good advice to the gospel minister:He ought to use all his scholarship to formulate the matters to be presented, in order that he might express them in the clearest and most powerful manner. While using... continue

A Story That Ends Badly

Article by   April 2012
The popular description of the biblical gospel as "the story of Jesus" and the attendant call to "make God's story part of your story" now appears to have its own tailor-made Bible translation. The newly released The Voice encourages readers... continue

Playing to the gallery (or, Anselm's chance)

Article by   March 2012
Anselm Mulliner is a character in one of P. G. Wodehouse's short stories, entitled "Anselm Gets His Chance," available in the collection Eggs, Beans and Crumpets (US), for those interested. Anselm is curate of the parish of Rising Mattock in... continue

Somerville on sermons

Article by   March 2012
Alexander Somerville (1813-1889) was a close friend of Robert Murray M'Cheyne. They went to school and university together. As divinity students, they met for the study of the Bible using both the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament,... continue

Fire in the dry sticks

Article by   March 2012
It is usually after I have thought through or more formally prepared the introduction to a sermon that I again sit back and remember to pray. I do not mean that I should not or do not pray until that... continue

Charles Simeon on Discriminatory Preaching

Article by   February 2012
"It is of great importance in preaching the Gospel, to discriminate between the different characters to whom we deliver our message, and to separate the precious from the vile. If this be neglected, the wicked will hold fast their delusions,... continue

The difference between a lecture and a sermon

Article by   January 2012
I just finished writing my Sunday sermon on 1 Samuel 18. A few weeks ago, I began working through the life of David, beginning in 1 Samuel 16 and extending to the end of 2 Samuel. As I have it... continue

Speaking of Preaching...

Article by   December 2011
Last Sunday each of our slated morning and evening preachers had originally chosen the same text for his sermon--the song of Simeon in Luke 2. I know because I was the evening preacher. Now hearing two (hopefully) biblical sermons on... continue

Learning to Preach from Hebrews

Article by   October 2010
Can we learn something of how to preach from the Epistle to the Hebrews?  We have heard that the first three rules for understanding a passage are "context, context, and context."  Strange, then, isn't it, that the author of Hebrews introduces almost... continue

What sits on your Bible?

Article by   September 2010
"It all comes down to authority, doesn't it?" Stretching out his hand across the coffee shop table and resting it atop the Bible in front of him, a recent college graduate confessed to pastor Todd Pruitt that he had lost... continue

Reflections on Sacred Rhetoric

Article by   April 2009
'The ratio of grind to glamour is three to one'.   This was an off-the-cuff remark made recently on a UK television documentary on the topic of oratory. Taking January's Presidential inauguration in Washington as its cue, the programme traced the... continue

Resources on Exposition

Article by   December 2008
Colin Adam has assembled a massive list of online resources (written and video) on exposition.  Great stuff to work through here.... continue

Good Summer Listening

Article by   August 2008
The folks at SovGrace have just announced the C.J. Mahaney sermon archive. You can listen to audio or watch video in their entirety or excerpts. Should be excellent stuff! Also, folks might want to check out the Carl F.... continue

A Good Word before Vacation

Article by   June 2008
Summer vacation (as well as a teaching trip to Regent College in Vancouver) begins next week.  As I anticipate laying down many of the burdens of pastoral care, at least for a little while, here is a salutary reminder of... continue

The Renewal We Need

Article by   June 2008
Writing in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, David Wells explains what our church and our culture need: "The renewal of which we stand in need, I believe, is of both the understanding of truth and of our knowledge... continue

Ends and means

Article by   May 2008
I appreciated Ligon's reference to Derek's sermon on Ezra, and the need for us to match our personal performance with our pulpit ministry ('Study. Live. Preach', below).   That thought was on my own mind recently as I've been reading... continue

Study. Live. Preach.

Article by   May 2008
Ezra 7:10 "For Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the LORD, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules in Israel." (ESV) I was struck as I listened last night to yet another... continue

How will they hear without someone preaching?

Article by   May 2008
Today, in my morning worship, the section of scripture was Romans 9-11 and smack dab in the middle of it, of course, were these words from Romans 10:14. There were a number of thoughts that struck me:1) While we rightly... continue

Law and Gospel

Article by   May 2008
It seems increasingly to me that one of the challenges facing theologians and preachers in the Reformed tradition is to explicate the statement of the Westminster Confession of Faith that 'neither are the forementioned uses of the law contrary to... continue

Workshop on Biblical Exposition 2008

Article by   January 2008
It has been so long since I have made a post that I am (almost) embarrassed to return.  But I wanted to make sure that people knew about the upcoming Workshop on Biblical Exposition at Tenth Presbyterian Church on February... continue
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