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Edwards the Exegete

Article by   August 2016
For all of the warranted attention scholars have given to Edwards's grand treatises, Sweeney makes a convincing case that Edwards' core vocation was not as a polemicist but as a preacher and teacher. continue

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The preacher's vocal hygiene

Article by   April 2013
No, not advice about brushing your teeth regularly, flossing wisely, or avoiding Stilton and garlic soup before that pastoral visit - that would be oral hygiene. This is - to give it its technical name - vocal hygiene: keeping the... continue

Evidence of malevolence

Article by   March 2012
If you wanted evidence of the cruel intelligence and brutal vindictiveness of the Adversary, ask a preacher about the coincidence of his preparations and temptations. You will begin to understand why it was that Luther flung an inkpot at the... continue
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