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Back to Jerusalem

Article by   October 2005
"Are you going to the dogs this year?" was the question put to me. I suppose my initial reaction was that I should respond in the affirmative. I tend to think that I am making little progress in anything as... continue

The Richness of Augustine: His Contextual and Pastoral Theology

Article by   October 2005
Books about Augustine and his theology seem to multiply without end, and the first task of anyone writing about him must be to define why a new work is required. Mark Ellingsen rises to this challenge, explaining that his main... continue

The Purpose Driven Life

Article by   August 2005
This review originally appeared in the January 2005 9Marks newsletter. We are grateful for their permission to republish it hereI)  Introduction Books on living the Christian life are a dime a dozen. The shelves of Christian bookstores bow under the... continue

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A Silence on Separation

Article by   October 2018
Today there is a void of serious teaching about holiness in life. There is, of course, a general teaching on holiness that everyone agrees on. "Let us be holy," they say, "we need to be more holy. Why not... continue

4 Additional Things I Have Learned While Church Planting

Article by   January 2015
In our first installment, I highlighted six things I have learned while church planting. Here are four additional items for your consideration. They are in no particular order.1. Music: At Crown and Joy, we classify our musical selections into several... continue

An Essential Ingredient of a Lasting Ministry

Article by   December 2014
With another year upon us, there may be a desire to make certain resolutions, or habits, to live by in the new year. Some will establish a new gym routine, others will employ a Bible reading plan, not a few... continue

Church Planting 101: A Mistake to Avoid

Article by   November 2014
Some people are hesitant to participate in a church plant because of the amount of work it takes. Sometimes you have to arrive earlier to church than you normally would, in an established church, to ensure things are in order.... continue

Sharing the Gospel Simply

Article by   September 2014
How many non-Christians do you converse with face-to-face on a regular basis outside of normal working hours? With how many of them do you share the gospel? In my experience it seems that many within Presbyterian and Reformed circles do... continue

Why Do You Live Like Tomorrow is Promised?

Article by   August 2014
The question is sometimes asked, "What would you do if you knew you were going to die today?" I often hear people respond to the question by sharing a series of things they wish they had accomplished or enjoyed in... continue

Update On Our Church Plant Initiative in Richmond, VA

Article by   April 2014
On Wednesday, April 3, 2014, we had our sixth church plant Bible study. Currently, I am teaching a series on community from the book (or epistle) of Philippians. At this point, we have not escaped the first 2 chapters, but... continue

The Crucifixion of Ministry

Article by   February 2014
As I prepare to gather a core group (or "launch team," depending on your perspective) for a church plant in Richmond, Virginia, I am attempting to get ahead by developing a leadership training manual. Thankfully I have many resources from... continue

Pastors and Their Critics: Pastors

Article by   April 2013
With due awareness of the liabilities, I would like to venture on to the delicate ice of how pastors should receive - and congregants give - criticism. The reason I feel emboldened to do so is that I have had,... continue
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