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Article by   August 2005
 I want to speak with you about the single greatest threat to romantic love in America today, and possibly in human history. I refer, of course, to the ready availability of internet pornography. Nearly ten years ago, before I had... continue

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Wise Technological Parenting

Article by   March 2017
It is the apex of foolishness for parents to allow their children to have free and unaccountable access to technology-- smart phones, tablets, iPods, computers, etc. Before I explain the reasons why I believe this, I want to make clear,... continue

A Plan for the Problem of Pornography

Article by   May 2016
Before I had my own email address (remember the good old days?), I warned in one of my Windows on the World that the internet would make pornography pervasive. Now we are living a depraved new world, in which sexually... continue

Pornography: Why Internet Accountability Software Doesn't Work

Article by   November 2014
I recently heard one man say, "If you don't have accountability software on every internet-accessible device, you're a fool." His comment was in the context of how pornography, particularly one's usage of it, is ravaging the church. Men and women,... continue

Other people's pornography

Article by   July 2014
There is little doubt that an appetite for pornography is endemic in the modern West. That this is the case was driven home on a recent voyage. On my outward journey, I settled in to my seat for what was... continue
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