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Four Reasons Why Public Critique Does Not Invoke Matthew 18

Article by   March 2012
In following the dialogue on Ref21 between Drs. Belcher and Collins, I was struck by a complaint from Collins that Belcher should have picked up the phone and discussed his concerns privately.  This demand for personal contact prior to public... continue

Allergic to Argument

Article by   January 2012
Stephen Prothero, world religion prof at Boston University, not an evangelical Christian, offers an interesting observation on our generation's reluctance to engage in serious, but respectful disagreement about religion. Having said that he works hard to foster "respectful arguments" in his... continue

John Newton - A Word to Calvinists, on controversy

Article by   September 2008
"Of all people who engage in controversy, we, who are called Calvinists, are most expressly bound by our own principles to the exercise of gentleness and moderation. If, indeed, they who differ from us have a power of changing themselves,... continue
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