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Beauty Embodied

Article by   February 2016
A striking literary maxim can confound us because it is both horribly wrong and wonderfully right. "Beauty will save the world." Oh yes (sarcasm), Renoir's Girl with a Watering Can will stay the machete of a thick-bearded Muslim extremist, and Brahms' Requiem will blunt the needles of heroin addicts: horribly wrong. But salvific beauty does not have to stay machetes. It can be subtle, cracking the shell of the commonplace that surrounds the human soul and flooding it with light. And if Renoir and Brahms can do that much, if Rilke's rhymes can make a hairline fracture and Rodin's Eve a pinhole, perhaps that is all we need: so, wonderfully right. And in tracing the theological roots of Dostoyevsky's maxim, I came to find just how profound it is. continue

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'Twas the Sunday pre-Christmas: a cautionary tale

Article by   December 2013
I do not often sympathise with Anglican vicars, but I did feel a mite of solidarity with the Reverend Simon Tatton-Brown of St Andrew's Church, Chippenham, Wilts., when I heard his unfortunate story. Caught short by the demands of a... continue

12 words, 16 syllables

Article by   December 2012
Though flowing slursDo sorely try,I'll not contendBut silent lie.... continue

48 words

Article by   December 2012
Yon blackguard Levy sallies forthRegardless of wight's feeling:Why waxed thee wroth o'er sorry tales,Thou scurvy Pope of Ealing?What need we Del or Phil or Rick,Those trusty blades of yore?From Levy's quill, one post sufficeTo make a world full sore.Wapping, 1677... continue

Precious Puritans

Article by   November 2012
In recent days a slur's been cast on certain giants of the past,Who did - so goes the painful claim, despite their other rightful fameAs men of penetrating sight who sought to know and do what's right -See nothing wrong... continue
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