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Closely Connected Care

Article by   September 2017
With each cultural crisis or natural disaster, our minds are freshly flooded with a litany of images and calls to come to the aid of our neighbors who have been the victims of an injustice or who have suffered loss.... continue

Nothing Like It in All the World

Article by   December 2016
Recently, in my Bible reading, I came to the book of Jonah (I've been working through the Minor Prophets). It struck me how remarkable this message is compared to everything else in the ancient world. Homer was a contemporary of... continue

The Gentleness and Fierceness of Christ

Article by   June 2016
Isaiah's first Servant Song (Is.42:1-4) pictures a Servant who is gentle, patient, unthreatening and tender hearted. It is a magnificent portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ, the perfect Servant of the Lord. It is remarkable that in his recorded... continue

Free grace

Article by   February 2015
Preparing to preach tomorrow, I came across these stirring words in a suprising place:1. All the blessings which God hath bestowed upon man are of his mere grace, bounty, or favour; his free, undeserved favour; favour altogether undeserved; man having... continue

Not Just a Soup Kitchen by David Apple

Article by   September 2014
Today, so many churches are comfortable following the practice of previous generations that didn't involve themselves in ministries of mercy. Many today are fearful of thinking "outside of the box" and lack vision and biblical direction. In 1983, one small... continue

"Let the praises of God's mercy"

Article by   June 2014
8 7. 8 7. D (Dim Ond Iesu)Let the praises of God's mercyMy poor heart and tongue employ;Let each thought of grace and justiceFill this soul with boundless joy.Let me think on Christ my Saviour,Let me dwell on his great... continue
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