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The Fruit of the Spirit: Love [part 2]

Article by   May 2015
At the head of the apostle's list of the Spirit's fruits stands love, the principal virtue from which the others derive and of which they are extensions. If we are to come to understand the nature of Christian love and the character of the gospel's commands to love, however, we have to proceed indirectly, reflecting first on God and the acts of God, and then on created human nature. continue

Fathers Playing Catch With Sons

Article by   September 2005
I always try to act surprised, but when my children give me a gift, I can usually guess what it is. Last year's Father's Day proved to be no exception. My suspicions were first aroused when Jack made the following... continue

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A Mantle of Love for the Weak

Article by   June 2019
On the night I proposed to Anna 15 years ago, she gave me a gift--an antiquarian edition of Thomas Brooks The Unsearchable Riches of Christ. It is a work to which I returned many times over the past 15 years.... continue

Defeat and Victory in the Church

Article by   April 2019
It is well documented that a staggering number of pastors leave the ministry each year. Conflict and burnout are numbered as some of the top reasons. Conflict between pastors and the congregation are common. In addition, the pastor's inability to... continue

A Horror of Theology

Article by   March 2019
The noisy gongs of acerbic and judgmental discernment bloggers, podcasters, vloggers and conference speakers are scattered throughout our social media feeds...and they're here to stay. The uncharitableness with which such individuals speak online immediately ought to leave a bad taste... continue

Promoting the Work of Others

Article by   March 2019
I have a dear friend who is an artist. Her work covers the walls of my home. I love learning about her creative process, the various mediums she uses, and what she is learning through her work. Most of... continue

Love and Anger at the Cross?

Article by   January 2019
Last week, Wyatt Graham published a post titled, "The Father Was Not Angry at the Son of the Cross," in which he rightly explained that God the Father never stopped loving the Son--even when the Son hung on the cross.... continue

Luther, Law and Love

Article by   November 2018
Life is too short not to reap the spiritual benefit of reading Martin Luther's Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians. Archibald Alexander, the first professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, once said that this particular work was the most... continue

An Extraordinary Love

Article by   October 2018
Dying to self is the fertile ground from which love springs and the weeds of anger and hatred and jealousy cannot take root. When we die to self, we look more like the One who bought us and more... continue

Pursuing True Unity

Article by   June 2018
There is something transcendently unifying when a group is engaged together in a singular, heroic cause. For instance, historians have often highlighted the camaraderie and esprit de corps they have found among the members of the Marine Corps. The... continue

Imagine There's No Hell

Article by   April 2018
At the Desiring God 1990 Pastor's Conference, Sinclair Ferguson gave a talk titled, "The Biblical Basis for the Doctrine of Eternal Punishment." It is, without doubt, one of the most significant treatments of the doctrine of hell that I have... continue

The Incomparable Conjunction of Love and Wrath

Article by   February 2018
I was recently reading John Murray's profoundly enriching sermon, "The Father's Love"--in the newly released volume of his sermon, O Death, Where is Thy Sting?--and was struck afresh with the wonder of the mystery of the commingling of the Father's... continue

Faith Among the Graces: Edwards on Faith and Love

Article by   October 2017
This year we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation when the German Augustinian monk Martin Luther nailed a long series of academic debating points about the medieval Roman Catholic penitential system (the 95 theses) to... continue

Love the Sinner as You Love Your Sinful Self?

Article by   September 2017
Over the past week, I've seen more appeals to the second half of Matthew 22:39 than I've seen artist postcards in a hipster coffee shop. "Love your neighbor as yourself" (which is the second greatest command, according to Jesus) is... continue

A Historic Framework for Social Responsibility

Article by   August 2017
How shall the church think about social issues of race, justice and power? It is increasingly popular for these issues to be framed and discussed in the church using the categories of social justice and racial privilege as defined... continue

Luther and Calvin's Quiet Discussions in Heaven

Article by   May 2017
Those who cherish the Reformation have often sought out what, if any, influence Martin Luther may have had on John Calvin. Did the two Reformers ever meet in person? Was Calvin influenced by the writings or ministry of "the... continue

Masculinity and the Priority of Love

Article by   October 2016
If you were asked to identify the primary quality which defines a true man of God in his specific relation to a true woman of God - distinctively within the marriage relationship - what one-word answer might you give? What... continue

If It Makes You Happy

Article by   July 2016
A discernible pattern has emerged in the wake of recent events. A particular tragedy is perpetrated by a person of one community upon people of another community. The life of one who bears the image of God is wantonly snuffed... continue

The Apologetics of Christian Solidarity

Article by   March 2016
Love is the end (telos) of the apostles' teaching and the first apology for the faith (1 Tim. 1:5). Without love even the most celebrated preacher or apologist is just a noisy gong or clanging cymbal; by love even the... continue

Cormac McCarthy on Ministerial Power

Article by   December 2015
I've been reading a good bit of Cormac McCarthy since late spring, when I have time for fiction anyway. McCarthy is a master of terse understated conversation and landscapes, and I happen to be a special admirer of landscapes--real and... continue

"God set before me love"

Article by   May 2014
S.M. (Bod Alwyn)God set before me loveTo draw my soul to him,But I was bound in Satan's chainsAnd revelled in my sin.I saw the mercy seat,Was taught the way to go;I saw that Christ had died for sin,But did not... continue

I Love President Barack Obama, but...

Article by   December 2013
Facebook is an interesting utensil. People use it for all sorts of things (e.g., advertising, spying, networking). If you spend even the slightly amount of time there, you can also get a sense of what matters to people. Some highly... continue

Effective personal evangelism: love

Article by   October 2013
In the introductory article to this brief series, we marked out the limits of our study, namely that we are considering how individual believers, in their various spheres, might faithfully communicate the saving truth to those around them still lost... continue


Article by   August 2012
"Why was I made to hear Thy voice,And enter while there's room,When thousands make a wretched choice,And rather starve than come?"So asked William Cowper. And so might each child of God ask, with a thousand more questions besides.Why was I... continue

See how he loves

Article by   May 2012
When the Jews saw Christ weep outside the tomb of Lazarus, this demonstration of his deep affection (compare Jn 11.3, 5) brought forth the declaration: "See how he loved him!" (Jn 11.36). His attitude and actions left the onlookers in... continue

Welcome Scotland!

Article by   April 2008
Welcome Iain! Glad you were able to sign in. T4G is over and perhaps we'll now be able to "resume normal service" again. I feel the "luv" already in the Trueman comment about Lewis. We'll be praying for you in... continue
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