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Article by   May 2013
Vern Sheridan Poythress, Logic: A God-Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western Thought (Wheaton: Crossway, 2013), 730pp., $45.00I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Crossway for their gracious provision of a review copy of this book.The term "polymath"... continue

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Validity, the Mind of God and Confessional Christianity

Article by   September 2016
A while back I wrote a post on the parasitic nature of absurdity. Absurdity, as a concept, is only meaningful when set against a backdrop of rationality. Whenever we conclude something is absurd, however, we are not only judging it to... continue

Zero Sum Game

Article by   June 2016
A recent blog post by Sammy Rhodes, a minister in the PCA and RUF chaplain, has caused something of a storm. Pitched as an apology by a theological conservative to the LGBTQ community in the wake of the Orlando massacre,... continue
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