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Legalism, Lawlessness and Pastoral Ministry

Article by   June 2018
In recent years, many have enthusiastically welcomed the resurgence of interest in the Marrow Controversy for the simple reason that there is no greater need that any of us have at any given time in our Christian lives than the need to... continue

Legalism in the Southern Baptist Convention (Alcohol)

Article by   January 2016
If there's one thing I dislike a lot more than antinomianism, it is legalism. Legalism has many forms, and very often can come across as sanctimonious, which is why it is so lethal. Legalism often rears its ugly head in American... continue


Article by   June 2015
Legalism is a tricky topic. There isn't a Christian alive on earth who doesn't struggle with legalistic tendencies. To diagnose this problem, we need to look at the various types of legalisms that we encounter in the church and in... continue
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