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The B.A.R. Podcast

Article by   December 2017
We recently asked Dawain Atkinson if he would be willing to answer a few questions for our Reformation21 audience about his podcast, the B.A.R. podcast, and about the usefulness of podcasting in general. Here is our brief interview with... continue

Today's Theologians: Dr. Richard Gaffin

Article by   December 2016
As we continue our series of interviews with notable theologians, we sit down with Dr. Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. Dr. Gaffin is Emeritus Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. He is the author of... continue

Carl Trueman is recorded saying kind words to Baptist...

Article by   July 2014
Seems to be the day of interviews here...On The Confessing Baptist today, they released episode #60 and join up with The CredoCovenant Podcast for an interview with Carl Trueman (not a Baptist, we know... but he did tell us, "Well,... continue

David Garner on Knowing the Truth Radio with Kevin Boling

Article by   July 2014
Our own Dr. David Garner will be speaking with Pastor Kevin Boling on Knowing the Truth Radio program regarding What is the "Insider Movement"? Listen live on Thursday (July 3rd) from 11:05am - 11:30am ET."Knowing The Truth" with Pastor Kevin... continue

Start the Weekend with Derek Thomas

Article by   May 2013
A fascinating and well-done interview with our own Derek Thomas. Enjoy!... continue

Expository Preaching; interview with Steve Lawson

Article by   August 2010
Rev. Kevin Boling is neighbor to our own Rick Phillips in Greenville SC and host of "Knowing the Truth" radio program. Last week when seeing Steve Lawson's commentary in Russian, he alerted me to an interview he did just the... continue
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