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A Most Dangerous Gift

Article by   July 2006
Waiting for a flight to Philadelphia in Heathrow Terminal 4 recently, I engaged in my usual ritual: buying my children copies of the Beano and the Dandy comics, and some chocolate that tastes like real chocolate (seemingly illegal in the... continue

American Idolatry

Article by   August 2005
I start with a shameful confession. I belong to a family which regularly watches the frightful drivel called American Idol. All I can plead in mitigation is that my children are avid followers of the program; and both sons compensate... continue

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Pluck Out...Your Candidate?

Article by   August 2016
I'll never forget the first year that I was able to vote. I had just turned 18 and could not have been more zealous to be part of the American political process. I spent six hours a day while I... continue

Another bite of the Apple

Article by   September 2014
How pleased and blest was ITo hear the people cry,"Come, let us seek our God today!"Yes, with a cheerful zealWe haste to Zion's hill,And there our vows and honours pay.The excitement is building and the tension is mounting. We have... continue

The worship of men: an old problem

Article by   July 2014
Some of us are fond of bemoaning evangelical celebrity culture as largely the product of a church too much tinged with the spirit of the age. A few weeks ago, Michael Haykin was kind enough to let me see a... continue
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