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When Our Voices Fail

Article by   April 2019
Three weeks ago this past Thursday (March 21), I decided it was probably best, because of my mother's serious health situation, for me to head home to South Carolina after worship on the coming Sunday to be with her.... continue

The Trinity Psalter Hymnal (2018)

Article by   July 2018
Congratulations to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) and United Reformed Churches (URCNA) and Great Commission Publications on the new Trinity Psalter Hymnal (2018). I have only had my copy for a couple of weeks or so, but I want to offer a few... continue

"To Nazareth came Gabriel, a herald of God's love"

Article by   December 2014
[I probably do not need to inform regular readers of this blog that Christmas is not my favourite season. Nevertheless, I try to take the opportunity to use the occasion. Recently, preaching from Luke 1, I was disappointed with the... continue

"Behold the blessèd Lamb of God"

Article by   August 2014
L.M. (Eden)Behold the blessèd Lamb of God,Who for the world poured out his blood;He died and suffered on the treeThat men the grace of God might see.Behold the bleeding Sacrifice -Salvation at unmeasured price.He came to this dark world below,God's... continue

"Every precious blessing"

Article by   June 2014
6 5. 6 5 (North Coates)Every precious blessingComes from God above;Everything we have isFrom his heart of love.Jesus is the best gift,Coming down to save:Dying for his people,Rising from the grave.Gracious Spirit, give usHearts to trust the Son,Souls that overflow... continue

"Let the praises of God's mercy"

Article by   June 2014
8 7. 8 7. D (Dim Ond Iesu)Let the praises of God's mercyMy poor heart and tongue employ;Let each thought of grace and justiceFill this soul with boundless joy.Let me think on Christ my Saviour,Let me dwell on his great... continue

"God set before me love"

Article by   May 2014
S.M. (Bod Alwyn)God set before me loveTo draw my soul to him,But I was bound in Satan's chainsAnd revelled in my sin.I saw the mercy seat,Was taught the way to go;I saw that Christ had died for sin,But did not... continue

"Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End"

Article by   December 2013
11 11. 11 11 (To God be the glory [without refrain])Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End;My Saviour, my Shepherd, my Lord, and my Friend;The Righteous, the Holy, to you we will bringOur prayers and our praises, a sweet offering.A Prophet... continue

"O Lord, the way is hard and long"

Article by   May 2013
L.M. (Angel's Song)O Lord, the way is hard and longAnd fellow travellers are few;I am not wise, I am not strong,I fear I shall not make it through.On every side a sinking mire;Down every path a mocker's glee;In every way... continue

"How can this guilty sinner flee"

Article by   March 2013
C.M. (Godre'r Coed)How can this guilty sinner fleeThe judgement that is mine?How can a wretched man escapeThe punishment divine?Tell me where wrath and mercy meet;Show me God reconciled.Where can a rebel find true peace,Rest for a heart so wild?Come, take... continue

"In Eden's sinless garden"

Article by   January 2013
7 6. 7 6 (St. Alphege)In Eden's sinless gardenA man and woman stood,Each crafted in God's image,And both entirely good.The serpent entered Eden,And entered both their hearts;And neither did resist him,Fell to his fiery darts.So Adam's abdicationWas punished by the... continue

"He stepped from his high throne"

Article by   December 2012
6 6. 6 6. 8 8 (Rhosymedre)He stepped from his high throne,And laid aside his crown,And to this sinful worldThe Son of God stooped down:He came as our ImmanuelThat God as man with men should dwell.The virgin brought him forthAs... continue

"I wander often from the way"

Article by   October 2012
8 8 6. D (Tresalem)I wander often from the way,And sin afflicts me every day:Oh, when shall I be pure?Christ leads me to the path again,And washes me from every stain,A cleansing full and sure.I hear the world's enticing voice,That... continue

"Grace abounding! Oh the sweetness"

Article by   August 2012
8 7. 8 7 (Sussex)Grace abounding! Oh the sweetnessOf those words to sinful hearts.Trace the stream of heavenly mercyThat on darkened Calvary starts.Kings dispensing earthly splendoursCannot match our gracious Lord:Grace abounding! Oh the richesOf the bounty now outpoured.Grace divine! How... continue

"Come, merciful and mighty God"

Article by   July 2012
C.M. (Brent)Come, merciful and mighty God,And break these hearts of stone:Your word the heavenly instrument,The power yours alone.These stubborn wills conform to yours;To feeble minds give light;Put fire into these empty hearts;Exert your gracious might.Give life where death is ruling... continue

Singing in worship

Article by   June 2012
Now that the news has broken that my album - tentatively entitled Funkier Than You Think - may be hitting the market before long, I feel marginally better qualified to speak to the issue of the sung worship of the... continue

"A mighty host of angels stands"

Article by   June 2012
8 7. 8 7. D (iambic) (Constance)A mighty host of angels standsAround Christ's throne in heaven;Their sinless tongues extol his worth,All praise to him is given;With awe recount his mighty works,His face behold with wonder,Lift up their voice to hymn... continue
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