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A Valuable (or not) Historical Resource on Gender Roles

Article by   September 2016
The last year or so has witnessed some controversy about the meaning and value of the term complementarianism (not to be confused with complimentarianism, which is belief in people who pay me compliments) to describe men and women's respective... continue

Top Ten Denominations of 2015

Article by   December 2015
After our post on the Top Ten Seminaries in 2015, we bring you the top 10 denominations of 2015.Separate Category:PCA Progressives: "Denominations" are so 1990s. They transcend denominational boundaries. Disqualified: Southern Baptist Convention: Two Words: Steven Furtick.ACTS29: Two words: Meyers Briggs. As... continue

Top Ten Seminaries of 2015

Article by   December 2015
Here at Reformation21 we skip the best books of the year and instead give you the "Top Ten Seminaries of 2015." All of these seminaries provide a good theological education, especially when compared to what one finds in the rest... continue

The Postmodern Mafia

Article by   May 2008
Well Chris Larson of Ligonier sent me a joke I couldn't refuse to pass along.   What do you get when you cross a mafia 'Don' with a postmodernist?                     ... continue
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