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Smiling through the tears

Article by   June 2013
There seems to be a growing appetite for funerals that seek to avoid the fact of death. This tendency is developing not only outside but within the church. Typically, the day's business begins with the burial (or, indeed, the cremation),... continue

"O Lord, the way is hard and long"

Article by   May 2013
L.M. (Angel's Song)O Lord, the way is hard and longAnd fellow travellers are few;I am not wise, I am not strong,I fear I shall not make it through.On every side a sinking mire;Down every path a mocker's glee;In every way... continue

Hope in death

Article by   December 2012
Not long before Christmas, a father in the Lord went home. For those who lived in my part of the world, Mr Cherry - as he was almost invariably known - was an institution. He died at the age of... continue
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