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Same-Sex Attraction and the Church

Article by   July 2016
Christians, including young evangelicals, are increasingly being persuaded that it is unreasonable to ask those who experience exclusively same-sex attraction to live celibate lives. Sexuality is considered to be central to human identity, and sexual experience is thought to be an essential part of any decent life. To expect a person to be celibate - for his or her entire life - is to ask that person to deny his or her very own self. It is to reject any and all possibility of happiness. continue

Some Thoughts on Gay Rights

Article by   April 2013
The rise of gay rights, including, now, the all but inevitable legal support for same-sex marriage at home and abroad, has the effect of a tidal wave: better get out of the way, or be drowned in obscurity. Sure, there will be ups and downs, advances and setbacks. But things are moving fast. Two Presidents have changed their minds about the subject. President Obama, in a very public announcement last spring, declared that his views had "evolved," followed by his second inaugural address, where he actually called for gay marriages. And former President Bill Clinton has recently disavowed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which he had signed into law seventeen years previously continue

Much Better Than The Daily Mail

Article by   August 2012
With the exception of Augustine's Confessions, I am not a big fan of Christian testimonies and autobiographies. Generally, they exhibit one of two problems (sometimes both). The first is the tendency towards a simplistic formula as shaped by the expectations of the specific Christian community to which the author belongs. So experiential Calvinist autobiographers tend to suffer long periods of conviction of sin followed by blessed, if sometimes mystical, assurance. I imagine the current trendy manifestations of reformed hipster theology will probably produce its fair share of people who found that conversion liberated them to watch exactly the same derivative and crass movies they did before, but now with an uncanny, Spirit-filled capacity to spot the redeemer figure in The Dark Knight Rises or The Expendables II. continue

Leadership, Holy Men, and Lessons from Augustine

Article by   November 2006
We can now take this point a stage further: in this context, that of the god-like aspirations of leadership, sin becomes incredibly attractive. In the Confessions, Augustine makes it clear in relation to a trivial act of the youthful crime... continue

The Latest Scandal in Washington

Article by   October 2006
Up until a few weeks ago, Congressman Mark Foley served as the United States Representative from the 16th District of Florida. In what is now a painful irony, Representative Foley formerly served as co-chair of the House Caucus on Missing... continue

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Article by   September 2005
I had intended to start my writing this year by waxing eloquent about Bruce Springsteen; but events have overtaken me, and meditations on `the Boss' will have to wait for a month or two. In fact, it was another icon... continue

Broken Fences: in the Valley of Brokeback Mountain

Article by   August 2005
Is it possible for men to hug other men, or young boys without the suspicion of being gay? It is a serious, if offensive question, raised by the "pansexualist" agenda foisted upon the culture by Hollywood. We are reaching a... continue

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2017: 10 Posts that You Loved Last Year

Article by   January 2018
We looked at the most popular posts from across Alliance websites in 2017. Did you miss one of these last year? Do you want to read one your favorites again? Just click the article title! 10. Calvin's Life: The Servetus Affair by Jeffrey... continue

The MA & PA Case for De-Christianizing Culture: Marx, White, and all the Rest

Article by   April 2016
Karl Marx didn't write all that much about religion, but what little he did was radical, programmatic, and rather clever. Here is almost his entire commentary on the meaning of religion as a cultural phenomenon: "religion is the sigh of... continue

Four Propositions on Homosexuality and Holiness

Article by   December 2015
In response to the cultural tidal wave of gay-rights advances in America, Christians and churches are seeking categories to make sense of our situation.  As the Supreme Court has legally normalized homosexuality, more and more people feel comfortable admitting to... continue

Witnessing to Homosexuals

Article by   May 2014
How do you witness to homosexuals? The answer is, "Like anyone else," but perhaps for some that is an over simplification. Regardless, we can at least agree on two things. 1) The use of the law in witnessing does not... continue

Statement from Wheaton College President Philip Ryken on Chapel Demonstration

Article by   February 2014
Our friend and Bible teacher from Every Last Word broadcast, Dr. Philip Ryken, offers a clear view of struggles and reasoning to Wheaton College's view of recent protesting over a recent visit by Rosaria Butterfield.The statement can be found... continue

Bracket Analysis (No, not the Final Four)

Article by   April 2013
In a recent article, Albert Mohler has accurately and astutely observed the widespread bracketing of public moral arguments by those seeking to defend the traditional and conjugal view of marriage in America. It's true, from attorneys defending Proposition 8 and the... continue

Fish-y Business at the Presidential Inauguration

Article by   January 2013
Over the Christmas holiday with my extended family, amid a full-blown but lovable circus of three to seven-year-olds that was rivaled only by the even louder football bowl game commentary emanating from the TV, the name of Stanley Fish came... continue

A thought on the homosexual marriage debate

Article by   March 2012
As Christians in the UK and elsewhere engage in discussion among themselves and with civil authorities about the nature of marriage, it seems that many are concerned that such battles are indicative or even productive of a coming judgement.It would... continue
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