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Van Til's Limiting Concept

Article by   July 2019
Van Til's Christian notion of the limiting concept requires us to harmonize different scriptural passages by considering them to be limiting concepts of one another. continue

Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels

Article by   June 2017
Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels is sure to set a new standard for the study of the Old Testament in the Gospels, and deservedly so. For those who are seeking both clarity in how to read the OT along with the authors of the Gospels, and insight into the particular ways in which the Evangelists handled dozens of text of OT Scripture, ESG will not disappoint. continue

The Hermeneutics of Biblical Lament (Part 1)

Article by   July 2016
What is the fruit of biblical interpretation? For example, in interpreting anceint texts such as the Psalms, should our primary goal be to reconstruct the ancient Psalmist's meaning? Or, for Christians, should it be to receive the Psalms as prayers, to be prayed by the Spirit, in Christ? continue

Serial Choice? Hermeneutics and a High View of the Bible"

Article by   September 2013
The grocery store cereal aisle has become a common metaphor for distinguishing the West from the rest of the world, and rightly so. Just after we moved to Eastern Europe years ago, my family and I began the hunt for cereal in our city. In due course, we found three cereal options. Yes, three. First we were disappointed, then resentful. Really? Only Honey Nut Cheerios, off-brand corn flakes and Muesli? continue

Background in Biblical Interpretation: Part 2

Article by   October 2012
Since there are such problems and yet some background information is valid and helpful, how can the average reader sort the useful from the spurious? I think there are a number of simple things. Here I will elaborate on some examples. continue

Background in Biblical Interpretation: Part 1

Article by   October 2012
I am sure all Bible readers are confronted at some stage with those enigmatic passages which either seem incomprehensible or so contradictory, either to other parts of Scripture or to common sense, that we feel we are missing something. That often leads to the suspicion: "I must be missing something. Perhaps if I knew the background which led to the writing of this passage, then all would be clear." Many handbooks to the Bible foster that notion that the solution to understanding the Bible lies in a better knowledge of the background. Also, when attacks are made on the historical accuracy of parts of the Bible, we wish we knew more of what went on at the time. continue

Dictionary For Theological Interpretation of the Bible

Article by   January 2007
It might sound strange to suggest that we need a dictionary devoted to the theological interpretation of the Bible, but Kevin J. Vanhoozer wagers that we do with the publication of Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible (DTIB). A... continue

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The Whole and the Parts

Article by   November 2019
This is the second part of James Renihan's essay on the scope of theology. To read part one, click here. The Scope of the Whole We have already cited the common language of the great English Protestant Confessions, Presbyterian, Independent... continue

Theology on Target

Article by   November 2019
Theology on Target The Scope of the Whole (Which Is to Give All Glory to God) Part 1 On October 16, 1845, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote these familiar lines in a poem titled "The Arrow and the Song": I... continue

Affirming Ignorance, Certainty and Intellectual Death

Article by   August 2019
In Col 3:10, the apostle Paul describes one of the most stunning aspects of the Spirit's re-creative work in uniting us by faith to the risen Christ. In that verse, we read that the natural man is, by that Spirit,... continue

Van Til's Limiting Concept

Article by   July 2019
I have recently been wading into the thought of the 20th century Reformed theologian Cornelius Van Til in order to consider his use of the term "limiting concept." These words appear throughout his collected works, both in his full-length... continue

The "Cereal-Aisle" Syndrome

Article by   June 2019
The grocery store cereal aisle has become a common metaphor for distinguishing the West from the rest of the world, and rightly so. Just after we moved to Eastern Europe years ago, my family and I began the hunt... continue

Tripping on Scripture

Article by   February 2019
Humans are amazing pattern finders. We detect patterns everywhere in the world around us: contorted faces in the wood grain, mythical creatures in the clouds, phantom ailments in our aches and pains--there's no end to the patterns our vibrant... continue

Read Like an Apostle

Article by   November 2018
The early disciples gave evidence of the concept of Christ as the target of the Old Testament; but, should we read the Old Testament like they did? That is an ever pressing hermeneutical question. I want to suggest that... continue

Content to Know Enough

Article by   August 2018
When addressing the subject of the inerrancy of Scripture in light of difficulties with which we are confronted in Scripture, E.J. Young would teach his students the following truth: "The believer," he said "will labor to reconcile seemingly contradictory details... continue

Interpreting Scripture with Scripture

Article by   August 2018
We cannot properly interpret what God does, as He has recorded it for us in Scripture, unless we know something about the God who effects what is recorded for us in Scripture. In other words, there must be a hermeneutical... continue

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves?

Article by   May 2018
I've heard it uttered dozens of times. Friends, family members, and strangers have looked at me, a Presbyterian pastor, and said, "Well, you know what the Bible says, 'God helps those who help themselves.'" I politely smile, but inside... continue

Formulating Doctrine

Article by   April 2018
"It pleased God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, for the manifestation of the glory of his eternal power, wisdom, and goodness, in the beginning, to create, or make of nothing, the world, and all things therein, whether visible... continue

Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels

Article by   June 2017
One does not have to preach, teach, or even read the New Testament for long in order to discover how steeped its authors are in the Old Testament. The OT surfaces on virtually every page of the NT. It... continue

Irenaeus on Reading and Understanding Scripture

Article by   July 2015
The second-century Church Father Irenaeus's most famous work, Against Heresies, was principally directed at the contemporary heresy of Gnosticism, especially as that movement found expression in the thought of a teacher named Valentinus in Rome. One can discern in Valentinus's... continue

Christ in all the Scriptures and Jesus on every page

Article by   August 2013
I was grateful to be offered an early glimpse of David Murray's latest book, Jesus On Every Page (Thomas Nelson, 2013) (see below for a giveaway and special launch offer). It did not disappoint.Imagine, if you will, an art gallery... continue

A Story That Ends Badly

Article by   April 2012
The popular description of the biblical gospel as "the story of Jesus" and the attendant call to "make God's story part of your story" now appears to have its own tailor-made Bible translation. The newly released The Voice encourages readers... continue

Modern Debate Over Ancient Texts

Article by   October 2011
[Editor's Note: This is the first post Rev. Wynne wrote in response to Dr. Evans, which was inadvertently removed last week. We repost it here in its entirety.] Dr. Evans has recently graced this forum with some thought provoking comments... continue

Home Repair and Hermeneutics (Part 3)

Article by   September 2011
In a previous post (and here), I noted how sophisticated, Reformed evangelicals are both disclaiming the arrogance of Enlightenment rationalism and skirting the bottomless pit of postmodern relativism, contending that total human objectivity is an illusion and postmodernism is intellectual quicksand.... continue

Home Repair and Hermeneutics (Part 2)

Article by   August 2011
In a recent post, I noted just how easy it is to pick up hermeneutical tools that are ill-suited for handling Scripture, if indeed Scripture is the Spirit-breathed, self-attesting Word of the sovereign, triune God. Like taking toy blocks and... continue
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