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The Climactic Word - Transfigured Hermeneutics 6

Article by   March 2016
This is the sixth of a ten part treatment of the significance of the Transfiguration for Christian theology and biblical reflection. I am currently exploring the way in which the Transfiguration draws upon associations with the events of the Exodus... continue

Transfigured Hermeneutics 3: Transfiguration as Theophany

Article by   January 2016
This is the third part of a multipart series of posts on the subject of the Transfiguration and its significance for Christian theology and biblical reflection. Within the first couple of posts I explored the literary presentation of the event... continue

Transfigured Hermeneutics - Transfiguration and Exodus

Article by   December 2015
In my previous post, I introduced my exploration of the significance of the event of the Transfiguration. I began by observing the prominence of the event within the narrative structure of the gospels and its various parallels with the event... continue

Scarcity and Abundance

Article by   September 2015
In recent decades, Western culture has developed what the business analysts might call a 'scarcity mindset'. There are good reasons for this of course. For a long time, we've been behaving like a teenager in a bedroom, consuming non-renewable energy sources,... continue
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