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Persuasion: Beyond the "Burp Effect"

Article by   February 2016
I am not at all sure exactly when or why the topic of persuasion began to preoccupy my thoughts. I am sure that there must be a number of influences in my past that, cumulatively though somewhat subconsciously, were catalysts in my own thinking. The one event that I do remember was an illustration that Os Guiness gave in a lecture that I attended many years ago. He illustrated the difference between "just telling the truth" in our communication of the gospel, on the one hand, and persuasion, on the other. A concern for "just telling the truth," Guiness said, produced what he called "The Burp Effect." "The Burp Effect" is demonstrated when we are content simply to "burp" the gospel on someone. The result is that, like a burp, we might feel much better, but our audience is inevitably offended! continue


Article by   October 2006
Imagine a prison with such a positive atmosphere that the guards don't need to carry guns to protect themselves. Imagine a prison where inmates begin each day with Bible reading and prayer, leading some to faith in Christ. Imagine a... continue

Religion at 35,000 Feet

Article by   October 2006
There is something aleatoric about the content of these columns. Frankly, it depends on what has been buzzing around my head in the last seven days. And what is it this week? Well, a conversation with a Jewish lady who... continue

Missionary Triumph over Slavery: William Kibb, and Jamaican Emancipation

Article by   September 2006
William Knibb (1803-1845) is rightly remembered as one of the great heroes of Baptist history for the key role that he played in the emancipation of the slaves in the British Empire in the 1820s and 1830s. In fact, so... continue

Total Truth

Article by   April 2006
I do not have the space in this brief review to give a summary of the content of the whole of this remarkable book; rather I will mention just a couple of highlights. Last year I had the students in... continue

Total Truth

Article by   February 2006
This is a very difficult review to write. The difficulty first became apparent to me several months ago when I realized that I was enormously behind my intended deadline of October, 2005. Due to a variety of circumstances, I have... continue

A God Entranced Vision of All Things: The Legacy of Jonathan Edwards

Article by   September 2005
The tercentenary celebration of the birth of Jonathan Edwards (1703-58) was the occasion for a perfusion of literary endeavors, the most exciting being George Marsden's monumental biography; numerous articles; and a plethora of conferences. The fruit of one such gathering,... continue

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Defending Door-to-Door and Open Air Evangelism

Article by   July 2019
I first met Nick Batzig in 1993 when I became the pastor of Golden Isles Presbyterian Church (PCA) on St. Simons Island, Georgia. Nick and his family were members of the church. Nick was sixteen years old and a member of... continue

An Evangelistic Time to Stand

Article by   July 2019
A square circle. A married bachelor. An African-American millennial PCA pastoral intern who believes in biblical social justice and agreed with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) commending the Nashville Statement as a biblically faithful document. I not only... continue

City-to-City Evangelism

Article by   June 2019
Many of us who grew up in the D. James Kennedy era of Evangelism Explosion embraced the idea that spiritually mature Christians should be involved in formal and methodical one-on-one evangelism. The same is true of those who were influenced... continue

On Platt and Priorities

Article by   June 2019
It's been an amazing past few days watching the fallout from David Platt's prayer over president Trump. When I first heard about the situation and read the transcript of the prayer, my initial reaction was quite positive. This was... continue

Christianity: A Spiritual Contact Sport

Article by   November 2018
For followers of Christ in America, things are changing rapidly. If thirty years ago, you would have predicted where our culture would be on a variety of issues, no one would have believed you. And yet, here we are,... continue

Cultural Myths About Truth and Love

Article by   January 2018
A witness for Christ in any age--and certainly in this present age--requires a prayer-saturated, Christ-centered, Gospel-motivated, Bible-shaped, Spirit-filled and God-glorifying commitment to "speak the truth in love." But this essential command for effective Gospel ministry to both those not... continue

Affliction Evangelism

Article by   May 2017
"This light momentary affliction," Paul writes, "is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison" (2 Cor. 4:17). Paul's use of the singular noun "affliction" in 2 Cor. 4:7 is intriguing. Paul doesn't say afflictions (plural),... continue

Evangelism, Baptism and Evaluating Church Health

Article by   February 2017
If I've heard it once I have heard it a thousand times: Christians who are members in Reformed Churches tripping over themselves to apologize about how poorly the Reformed Church does evangelism. Related to this is the tried and true... continue

Should Christians Roar? 5 Questions about the Clemson "WeRoar" Prayer Protest

Article by   September 2016
Last Friday, September 2, 2016, a group of students at Clemson University gathered to protest the suppression of free speech by campus officials. Christian evangelist Robbie Roberts had been removed from campus for sitting in a chair with a small... continue

Paul, the virtues, and theological conflict

Article by   August 2015
I. Virtue: a brief introductionIn my previous post, I briefly noted the threefold grace that Paul unfolds in Titus 2.11-14: (1) "saving grace," which flows from God's free mercy toward sinners in the redeeming death of Jesus Christ, (2) "training... continue

My Final Post At Reformation 21: Another Deterrent to Evangelism

Article by   January 2015
How many baptisms upon profession of faith have you administered or seen? I asked my church, as well as fellow pastors and ruling elders in the PCA, the same question. Overall, the answer was, 'very few.' Now, one of the... continue

Living in Athens

Article by   January 2015
A couple of times a month, as God enables us, the church which I serve attempts to proclaim the gospel in the centre of our town, preaching in the open air, handing out tract-invitations, and engaging in conversation with those... continue

Doing and being

Article by   January 2015
It is too easy to make our witness to Christ programmatic and mechanical. There is no doubt that some measure of order and organisation is often profitable. There are many right and proper endeavours that demand structure, planning and management... continue

6 Ways To Develop an Evangelistic Culture in Your Church

Article by   December 2014
We all desire non-Christians (i.e., pagans) to come to saving faith in Christ. Sometimes, however, our lament is that we are not seeing this occur in our churches as frequently as we would like. Here are 6 ways to help... continue

Veteran's Day: Extending Hospitality and Sharing the Gospel with Military Personnel

Article by   November 2014
The military is a place for both young and old to find their way in life. As a navy instructor in San Diego, CA, between 2005-2008, I saw numerous recruits--who recently graduated from boot camp--and long-time veterans, who were desirous... continue

Sharing the Gospel is Inconvenient

Article by   October 2014
As I was walking from the restaurant to my car, I had one gospel tract in my pocket. I had purposed to give it to someone in route to my vehicle. Literally, that was my plan. I wanted to place... continue

Wearing Christianity on Your Sleeve: What Helps Evangelism

Article by   September 2014
In 2011, hip hop artist, Shai Linne, released his album, titled, "The Attributes of God." In one of his songs, "Taste and See," he said, "The world is not subtle, why should we be subliminal?" Good question - why? I... continue

Sharing the Gospel Simply

Article by   September 2014
How many non-Christians do you converse with face-to-face on a regular basis outside of normal working hours? With how many of them do you share the gospel? In my experience it seems that many within Presbyterian and Reformed circles do... continue

Gospel ripples

Article by   September 2014
In our efforts to make Christ known where God has put us, we have regular meetings to preach the gospel in a village outside our town. It is a hard place, not surprisingly given that it is full of hard... continue

"If We Build It They Will Come" No Longer Works

Article by   July 2014
Church planting requires many administrative tasks. From setting up email accounts and registering the church's 501-C3 status to fundraising and sending update letters, one can easily spend over one-hundred hours on the front end tackling these necessary duties. In addition... continue

Should We Alter or Stop Using the Language of "Personal Relationship" in Evangelism?

Article by   July 2014
As far back as I can recall, Christians have utilized the phrase, "personal relationship" in evangelism. It is oft-times used as a synonym for "salvation." Perhaps pressing the phrase to its unlikely meaning, we might suggest that the phrase, "personal... continue

The Beauty of HOA

Article by   June 2014
Depending on where you live, you may not be affected by HOA (i.e., Home Owner's Association). There are typically two items involved in HOA. You are responsible to pay annual fees and you are entitled to attend HOA meetings. I,... continue

Come, you children

Article by   June 2014
Just around the corner from our church building is a junior school. We have a reasonable relationship with the school, extending to taking occasional school assemblies, depending on who is responsible for arranging them.Over the last fifteen years or so,... continue

Upcoming events

Article by   May 2014
A few things coming up . . .First, today and tomorrow is the Grace Baptist Assembly, meeting in the wilds of Derbyshire, on the theme of "Building Healthy Churches." I am a reasonably last minute replacement for Alun McNabb, kept... continue

Witnessing to Homosexuals

Article by   May 2014
How do you witness to homosexuals? The answer is, "Like anyone else," but perhaps for some that is an over simplification. Regardless, we can at least agree on two things. 1) The use of the law in witnessing does not... continue

The Death of Witnessing

Article by   January 2014
There are many impediments to witnessing (i.e., sharing your faith). Many of us are absolutely terrified. Beads of sweat begin to moisten our backs merely at the thought of evangelistic outreach. Sometimes we think it is better left to the... continue

Ministering to the middle classes

Article by   January 2014
A little while ago, a friend wrote an article entitled "My Ministry is Harder Than Yours (and Other Lies We Tell)." The author, Mez McConnell, is a pastor in Edinburgh and one of the architects of 20schemes, a ministry seeking... continue

Street Preaching According to Pipa and Venema

Article by   January 2014
In a recent edition of Christian Renewal (date: December 11, 2013), Ruth Vandyken, in her article, "Preaching Outside the Box and onto the Public Soapbox," interviewed Dr. Joseph Pipa--faculty at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary--and Dr. Cornel Venema--of Mid-America Reformed Seminary--requesting... continue

Open Marriages and Drug Usage

Article by   January 2014
My wife tells me that I frighten people. Whenever we are in public and I meet someone new, I ask, "What's going on?" in a somewhat loud voice. It is not the content of my initial greeting that frightens people... continue

The unbearable heaviness of being Levy

Article by   December 2013
I am always - well, sometimes - grieved to grieve Mr Levy. Clearly I have burdened an already burdened man, and in ways that I have not (on this occasion) intended. And so a little comeback on his pushback: I... continue

One of the Biggest Deterrents to Personal Evangelism

Article by   December 2013
Recently, I published a book titled Words in Season: On Sharing the Hope that is Within Us. It is an introduction to sharing the good news of Christ that was birthed out of a Sunday school series. The book not... continue

Effective personal evangelism: summary

Article by   November 2013
Thank you for following through this series on effective personal evangelism. For ease of reference, here are the links and topics:IntroductionLoveTenacityBoldnessConsistencyUnderstandingPrayerFaithExperienceEncouragementSummaryThis is not an exhaustive list, by any means, but I am speaking out of a measure of experience myself... continue

Effective personal evangelism: encouragement

Article by   November 2013
Nearly there! So far we have surveyed the following marks of effective personal evangelism:  love, tenacity, boldness, consistency, understanding, prayer, faith and experience.The ninth mark of the effective personal evangelist is encouragement. The personal evangelist needs support. Do you know... continue

Effective personal evangelism: experience

Article by   November 2013
As we move toward the end of this series, the marks of effective personal evangelism we have surveyed so far are love, tenacity, boldness, consistency, understanding, prayer and faith.The eighth mark of the effective personal evangelist is experience. If we... continue

Effective personal evangelism: faith

Article by   November 2013
The marks of effective personal evangelism we have surveyed so far are love, tenacity, boldness, consistency, understanding and prayer.The seventh mark of the effective personal evangelist is faith. With prayer is allied faith. Think of how the apostle speaks at... continue

Effective personal evangelism: prayer

Article by   October 2013
The marks of effective personal evangelism we have surveyed so far are love, tenacity, boldness, consistency and understanding.The sixth mark of the effective personal evangelist is prayer. The place of prayer in this list is not a marker of its... continue

Effective personal evangelism: understanding

Article by   October 2013
To date, we have looked briefly at love, tenacity, boldness and consistency as particular features of the effective personal evangelist.The fifth mark of the effective personal evangelist is understanding. We have said that we do not need special training -... continue

Effective personal evangelism: consistency

Article by   October 2013
So far we have considered love, tenacity and boldness as some particular features of the effective personal evangelist.The fourth mark of the effective personal evangelist is consistency. If tenacity is an unwillingness to let go in the face of pressure... continue

Effective personal evangelism: boldness

Article by   October 2013
In looking at some of the features of the effective personal evangelist, taking for granted (as it were) the genuine conversion and growing holiness of such a person, so far we have considered love and tenacity.The third mark of the... continue

Effective personal evangelism: tenacity

Article by   October 2013
So far in this series we have set out our stall and considered love as the first mark of the effective personal evangelist.The second mark of the effective personal evangelist is tenacity. This is the spirit of a dog with... continue

Effective personal evangelism: love

Article by   October 2013
In the introductory article to this brief series, we marked out the limits of our study, namely that we are considering how individual believers, in their various spheres, might faithfully communicate the saving truth to those around them still lost... continue

Effective personal evangelism: introduction

Article by   October 2013
Over the course of the last few years I have had every good and necessary reason to consider how I and the church which I serve might more effectively communicate the gospel of God to our neighbours round about us.... continue

Guessing and gauging the street preacher

Article by   October 2013
A couple of interesting questions have come in following the recent piece on street preaching, and it might be helpful to offer some answers in this same environment.First, no, I did not have any particular individual or group in mind... continue

Thoughts on street preaching

Article by   September 2013
In recent weeks there has been a spate of arrests of Christian brothers in the UK involved in street preaching and other open-air witness. As someone who preaches in this way fairly regularly, this is obviously a matter of interest... continue

What is truth?

Article by   September 2013
As part of our attempts to proclaim Christ in our small corner, we are investing some effort in a village near the town where I live. This village is, I think, fairly typical of our part of the world. It... continue

God in their thoughts

Article by   August 2013
When I first saw the article on polyamory to which Carl subsequently referred I was grieved by its tone of everday reportage, the normalisation of sin. It is no consolation to be tickled by the notion that Prof. Trueman was,... continue

Of sounds and silence

Article by   April 2012
Like many, you may be appalled at how often the Lord Jesus issues a command to those whom he has healed to keep silent about what has taken place and the command is immediately not just ignored but thoroughly trampled... continue

Pray for Thabiti's Faithful Witness to the Lord Jesus

Article by   March 2009
As I write, Thabiti is debating a Muslim on the subject "Who Is God and How Are We Saved?" The Muslim representative chose the topic! God is sovereign and gracious, isn't he? I won't disclose the location for obvious reasons.... continue

FB Meyer and Melbourne Hall

Article by   September 2008
I am just back from preaching at anniversary services at Melbourne Hall Evangelical Free Church in Leicester. The most famous occupant of its pulpit was its first minister, F.B. Meyer (of whom a recent biography by Bob Holman was published... continue

Out of Africa

Article by   August 2008
Just back from a week in the Pocono Mountains, speaking at Pinebrook Bible Conference.  While there, I met up with a retired missionary from Scott Theological College in Kenya.  And after some wonderful conversations with him, I decided to return... continue
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