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Vatican Files no. 19

Article by   April 2013
"The beginning of wisdom is the definition of words" (Socrates). If you define a word in a certain way you make claims about reality. Our postmodern culture has stirred us to come to terms with the fact that words do not have stable meanings but exist in an flux that drives them in one way or another depending on the interests of their users. This is the current situation of the word "Evangelical". continue

Finding God In The Shack

Article by   June 2009
A review of Finding God in the Shack is therefore, in one sense, a review of a review which tends to a rather cumbersome exercise in circumlocution: I am discussing Olson's discussion of Young's discussion! For that, let me beg your indulgence. continue

Thank God for Bandit Country

Article by   June 2009
One question that I have now been asked more times than I care to remember is "How do you cope with all the nastiness that's come your way on the internet over the last few years?" The answer is pretty simple: it generally doesn't come my way because I generally don't read it. continue

From the Versace Vacuum to the Brand of Brothers

Article by   December 2008
What do brainless and temperamental supermodel, Naomi Campbell, and certain leading figures in American evangelical Christianity have in common? No, I am not thinking of the obvious things: first-class air travel, tantrums, five star hotels, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and demands... continue

Truth With Love: The Apologetics of Francis Schaeffer

Article by   January 2007
I cannot begin to express how many sympathetic back pats, mildly shaken heads and ever so slightly rolled eyes I have gotten at the news that I was reviewing a book on the apologetics of Francis Schaeffer. I must say... continue

A Surrejoinder to Peter Enn's Response to G. K. Beale's JETS Review Article of HIs Book, Inspiration and Incarnation EDITOR'S NOTE: The article below is a surrejoinder from G.K. Beale in response to Peter Enns's published rejoinder to Dr. Beale's rev

Article by   December 2006
I thank Peter Enns for responding to my review article of his book, Inspiration and Incarnation.[1] It has been the policy of JETS not to allow surrejoinders, so I was not able to write one in that journal. I am... continue

When Is a Confession not a Confession?

Article by   September 2006
I will delay answering the above question until the end of the article. Instead, I want to start by noting that Father Richard John Neuhaus has some good fun at Protestantism's expense in the latest First Things. In the... continue

Helm Responds to Vanhoozer

Article by   July 2006
I thank Kevin for his kind personal references, and for his lengthy response to my piece. But it doesn't get to the point, does it? Of course Kevin is not to be tarred with the brushes of Franke, Grenz... continue

Vanhoozer Responds to Helm

Article by   July 2006
I've been reading just about everything Paul Helm writes with great enthusiasm since I first encountered his The Varieties of Belief (1973) during my days as an undergraduate. Moreover, I almost always find myself agreeing with him, even when he... continue

Charles Hodge and the Method of Systematic Theology: a Corrective

Article by   July 2006
In recent times Charles Hodge has come in for a drubbing in connection with his remarks on the nature of what he calls theological science, as these are set out in the first seventeen pages of his Systematic Theology.... continue

A Reply to Steve Bush

Article by   November 2005
In a recent comment Steve Bush takes issue with the accuracy of some of my review of John Franke's The Character of Theology, which appears in Reformation21. I take up - I hope in the spirit of generous orthodoxy - his... continue

Reclaiming the Center: Confronting Evangelical Accommodation in Postmodern Times

Article by   November 2005
"Deciding whether postconservatism is a 'movement' or simply a 'mood' is rather unimportant for our purposes. What is important - and what is by and large no longer questioned - is that a significant shift is taking place in some... continue

The Character of Theology

Article by   October 2005
John Franke, who teaches theology at Biblical Theological Seminary, has written this introduction to Christian theology. Its chapters are on "Doing Theology Today", "The Subject of Theology," "The Nature of Theology", "The Task of Theology", and "The Purpose of Theology".... continue

The Rise of Evangelicalism: The Age of Edwards, Whitfield, and the Wesleys

Article by   August 2005
One of the binding chapters of the Directory for Worship for my denomination instructs the minister presiding at the Lord's Table to "invite all those who profess the true religion, and are communicants in good standing in any evangelical church."... continue

Reclaiming the Center: Confronting Evangelical Accommodation In Postmodern Times

Article by   July 2005
The theologian is often caught between a rock and a hard place, between the truth he holds dear and the society he loves and longs to see transformed by the gospel. This tension, though never easy, is right and good.... continue

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The Ecclesiastical Pendulum Swing

Article by   March 2017
I was baptized in the Reformed Episcopal church, spent time in Reformed Presbyterian Churches (mainly PCA and OPC) as a boy, was extremely rebellious and dechurched for over a decade, came to Christ in repentance and faith in my 20's... continue

Less Gushing, More Blushing

Article by   September 2014
Biographical description many pastors write for the web site of their church: "Married to the most beautiful woman in the world.""We have the best youth pastor in the country.""He's the smartest guy in every room..."I often joke that the most... continue
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