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Tell Us How You Really Feel: Comments About the Church Plant Initiative

Article by   April 2014
What do you think about our church plant initiative in Richmond, Virginia? From the outside looking in, you can only say so much. The video we created to spread the word and the website we have, which is dedicated to share... continue

The encourager

Article by   March 2014
Seen and heard at a conference:Seasoned saint: "Are you reading any of the older writers? Do you have any thoughts as to what you might read next?"Eager rookie: "Well, I just read John Owen on The Glory of Christ, and... continue

Effective personal evangelism: encouragement

Article by   November 2013
Nearly there! So far we have surveyed the following marks of effective personal evangelism:  love, tenacity, boldness, consistency, understanding, prayer, faith and experience.The ninth mark of the effective personal evangelist is encouragement. The personal evangelist needs support. Do you know... continue
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