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Free R.C. Sproul Downloads

Article by   January 2018
Until the end of the month, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals is giving our readers the opportunity to download audio from a variety of Conferences at which R.C. spoke over a 30 year period. If you visit Reformed Resources, you... continue

An Encouraging Conference

Article by   May 2016
I see that my friends over at Mortification of Spin are taking a hiatus from having a go at conferences and big tent para-church ministries for the next week but thankfully continuing their obsession with critiquing complementarians. If you know of an... continue

Upcoming conference

Article by   May 2013
It was suggested that I might wish to draw your attention to an upcoming conference to be held in Louisville in a few weeks time. It's an awesome new conference called Death March 2013, and we will be rocking some... continue

The Banner of Truth Conference

Article by   February 2013
Friends in the UK and mainland Europe might be interested to know of the Banner of Truth Conference at Leicester, due to take place this year on Monday 15 through Thursday 18 April. Speakers include Sinclair Ferguson, who probably needs... continue

The Banner of Truth Conference

Article by   April 2012
I returned home yesterday from the Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference held in Leicester in the UK. This was the fiftieth anniversary of its founding, though not quite the fiftieth conference (they missed maybe one or two for various reasons... continue
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