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4 Additional Things I Have Learned While Church Planting

Article by   January 2015
In our first installment, I highlighted six things I have learned while church planting. Here are four additional items for your consideration. They are in no particular order.1. Music: At Crown and Joy, we classify our musical selections into several... continue

Does Liturgy or Music Keep Minorities Away from Our Church? (Part 5)

Article by   December 2014
In parts 1-4, I briefly highlighted some of my thoughts regarding liturgy, music, and the inclusion of more minorities (or more specifically, African-Americans) in our churches. I am going to take a slight detour in this fifth segment, a detour... continue

6 Things I Have Learned While Church Planting

Article by   December 2014
Needless to say, I have learned far more than six things. I hope to elaborate on those later (e.g., issues concerning commitment, expectations, etc.). In the meantime, here are six observations.1. Do not compare yourself to other churches. It is... continue

Church Planting 101: A Mistake to Avoid

Article by   November 2014
Some people are hesitant to participate in a church plant because of the amount of work it takes. Sometimes you have to arrive earlier to church than you normally would, in an established church, to ensure things are in order.... continue

Our Church Plant Welcome Video

Article by   October 2014
After 8 months of attempting to plant a church in Richmond, Virginia, by God's grace, we had our first service on October 26, 2014. Crown and Joy Presbyterian Church meets each Sunday at 2pm.Here is our welcome video.... continue

PCA Church Planting Fundraising Helps

Article by   October 2014
Although there are some denominations that fully or partially fund their church planters, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is not one of them. Therefore, if the local church, or presbytery, calls you to plant a congregation, you must raise... continue

Church Planting Burdens: A Desire to Succeed

Article by   October 2014
As I was leaving Wal-mart earlier today, I noticed a woman, in a red and white checkered dress, holding a sign that said, "Success is only mentioned in the KJV once. Check Joshua 1:8." Is that the only time the... continue

Richmond, Virginia Church Plant Initiative Video (2-minutes)

Article by   July 2014
And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, by baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son... continue

Church Planting and a Theology of Presence

Article by   May 2014
Several weeks ago a dear friend sent a lecture to me, titled, "Theology of Presence in Missions." While I do not recall all of the details of the lecture, I was especially struck by the way in which the lecturer... continue

Tell Us How You Really Feel: Comments About the Church Plant Initiative

Article by   April 2014
What do you think about our church plant initiative in Richmond, Virginia? From the outside looking in, you can only say so much. The video we created to spread the word and the website we have, which is dedicated to share... continue

Church Planting in Grand Rapids?!?

Article by   April 2014
This coming Wednesday, April 16th, at 7pm Holy Trinity Presbyterian Church a "new, old church" will launch its first public gatherings in the heart of the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The church plant is beginning with its Wednesday evening... continue

Our Church Plant Bible Study (A Photo)

Article by   April 2014
God is doing amazing things at our Wednesday evening church plant Bible study. One of the parts I love is hearing and seeing the children participate. Last night our children read scripture, read the Westminster Shorter Catechism, and prayed. I... continue

Update On Our Church Plant Initiative in Richmond, VA

Article by   April 2014
On Wednesday, April 3, 2014, we had our sixth church plant Bible study. Currently, I am teaching a series on community from the book (or epistle) of Philippians. At this point, we have not escaped the first 2 chapters, but... continue

The Hunger Games: Affectionately Known As the PCA MNA Assessment Center

Article by   February 2014
As Katniss Everdeen, Haymitch Abernathy, and Peeta Mellark are traveling to the Hunger Games, Katniss walks into a conversation where she is greeted by these words from Haymitch: "I was just giving some life-saving advice... It should come in handy... continue

Is This Possible?

Article by   January 2014
Here, signs above the water fountains said, "For Colored Only." Certain parks, restaurants, and swimming pools prohibited all but its white guests. Distant past? No. As recently as 1960, ethnic integration on public transportation was still questionable. Home to the Manchester... continue

Church Planting, Double Honor (and then some)

Article by   December 2010
Our family visited a church plant in our presbytery yesterday.  The church had been at it for a while in rented quarters and recently acquired a church building--a former German Reformed church way back in the day, that had long since... continue

A Baptist Praises the Lord for the PCA

Article by   May 2008
Recently, I read a lamentable statement from the leader of African-American pastors inside the PCUSA.  It was lamentable because it made the gospel and the spiritual mission of the church secondary to social and political concerns. This morning I came... continue
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