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The Silkworm: Loving Science

Article by   June 2012
Aptitude, discipline, diligence, and patience are necessary for the mastery of some or other department of science. Certain secondary reasons are valid for pursuing science. But the supreme goal should be a pressing on toward God, a genuine curiosity to see what is true. That is what it means to love science. It is the pure and sacred love of knowledge, and then, chiefly, love for the heavenly author of all truth. continue

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A Child's Prayer

Article by   November 2018
Dear father in heaven, Thank you for giving me sleep last night, and for keeping me safe to live this new day. I am a child, so please help me to do all things through Christ, the One who strengthens... continue

Feeling Forsaken, But Not Forgotten: An Infertility Story

Article by   August 2017
I met my husband, Pete, in April of 2004. We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend who knew both of us well, and our friend thought we would be the perfect match. The only... continue

Tuned in Parents on the Technological Frontier

Article by   August 2016
I am a child of the technological frontier--the brave new world of exciting potential and seemingly limitless possibility. I learned how to type on a typewriter; but, how to spell on a Speak&Spell. As a young boy, I played video... continue

Bringing Our Children to Jesus

Article by   May 2016
One of the most important things we will do at Second Presbyterian Church is disciple our children to a living, personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We live in a society that assumes that when children grow up they... continue

Is Family-Integrated Worship the Historical Norm?

Article by   February 2016
Advocates of "family-integrated worship" -- a fancy term for keeping kids of every age in church services rather than shuffling them off to the nursery/crèche, Sunday School (UK), or Children's Church (US) -- generally claim their practice as the historical... continue

Very Presbyterian problems

Article by   June 2014
If you have wandered around at all online you have probably seen one of those silly articles that purport to offer a string of very British problems, most of them variations on the joke about two British people marooned on... continue

"Every precious blessing"

Article by   June 2014
6 5. 6 5 (North Coates)Every precious blessingComes from God above;Everything we have isFrom his heart of love.Jesus is the best gift,Coming down to save:Dying for his people,Rising from the grave.Gracious Spirit, give usHearts to trust the Son,Souls that overflow... continue

Out of the mouth of babes

Article by   June 2014
Mark's post about how Christian parents deal with their children raises some interesting questions to which I may, in due course, offer some answers. In the meantime, I will provide a hymn that I wrote primarily with our children and... continue

Come, you children

Article by   June 2014
Just around the corner from our church building is a junior school. We have a reasonable relationship with the school, extending to taking occasional school assemblies, depending on who is responsible for arranging them.Over the last fifteen years or so,... continue
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