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Engaging with Keller

Article by   July 2013
Iain D. Campbell and William M. Schweitzer, eds., Engaging with Keller: Thinking Through the Theology of an Influential Evangelical (Darlington: Evangelical Press, 2013), 240pp.  paperback, £9.99/ $15.99This fascinating volume is something of an in-house discussion into which, because of the... continue

What if Life Was Complex?

Article by   April 2013
This month, I thought I would use this column to indulge in a little thought experiment. What, I wonder, if the conservative evangelical church world came to be dominated by a symbiotic network of high profile and charismatic leaders (think more Weber than Wimber), media organisations, and big conferences? What if leadership, doctrine, and policy were no longer rooted in the primacy of biblical polity and the local church? What if, in other words, all of this become a function of an Evangelical Industrial Complex? continue

The Dead Theologians Society: How yesterday's theologians can help you flee today's idolatry

Article by   September 2011
Central to the problems tackled by the Apostle Paul in the first century Corinthian church was its idolatrous fixation on personality cults centred on the so-called "super apostles". That this verged on almost literal hero worship is suggested by Paul's own assault on the Corinthians: "Is Christ divided? Was Paul crucified for you? Or were you baptised in the name of Paul?" (1 Cor. 1:13) continue

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The worship of men: an old problem

Article by   July 2014
Some of us are fond of bemoaning evangelical celebrity culture as largely the product of a church too much tinged with the spirit of the age. A few weeks ago, Michael Haykin was kind enough to let me see a... continue

Trueman Down Under

Article by   August 2012
The recent issue of Ambassador magazine, of the Melbourne School of Theology, features our resident celebrity, Dr. Trueman. Nevertheless, he still has street cred: few celebrity pastors get the title "International Scholar." ... continue

The Trueman Show (or, "In it to win it")

Article by   April 2012
And so it has happened. Carl Trueman, Puncturer of Bubbles, has been invited into the celebrity cauldron of T4G to discuss celebrity. Quite apart from the obvious irony of having the cachet actually to sit on the same platform as... continue

Trueman Christianity Today Interview

Article by   February 2012
Carl Trueman weighs in on James Macdonald's exit from the Gospel Coalition over at Christianity Today. Also, see Trueman's latest Wages of Spin article and a review of Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshear's Doctrine. A busy day at ref21!... continue

Trueman Exposed

Article by   November 2011
Finally! For all of his clamoring against celebrity pastors, photographic evidence has emerged that unmistakably shows Trueman as that which he loathes. It appears from the photo below that the good Dr. knows quite a bit more about celebrity than... continue

The Forgotten Best Friend of Celebrity Pastors

Article by   October 2011
In between (at times heated) discussions with my wife as to how we can come up with the 250 quid for the new Trotter conference (on top of the airfare) and prepping for our podcast ("Woman, be quiet about the... continue

A Hymn That Would Not Be Written Today

Article by   September 2011
Reading (and watching) Dr. Trueman's posts the past couple of days regarding rock star pastor Perry Noble (a disgrace to my hometown area of Greenville, SC), coupled with Dr. Eglinton's excellent piece, reminded me of one of my favorite hymns... continue

A True Non-Celebrity Pastor Moment

Article by   August 2011
There are at least two things that the world at large should know about the Rev. Dr. Trueman. First, he does not have fangs, does not make cuddly puppies run in the opposite direction, and shows signs of having smiled... continue
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