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Calvin and Baptism: Baptismal Regeneration or the Duplex Loquendi Modus?

Article by   August 2016
"What is the relation between baptism and salvation in the thought of John Calvin?" This is a timely question, given that there has been much discussion over this very subject of late. continue

Infant Baptism and the Promise of Grace

Article by   January 2016
In considering the differences between those who support and those who oppose the baptism of infants, focusing too narrowly upon the need for faith in the recipients of the rite can be misleading, for among Reformed Christians this necessity is granted on both sides of the debate. No less than for those who baptize only on the basis of a candidate's sincere personal confession of their faith, those who baptize infants hold that faith is required for the realization of its intended meaning. The differences between the stances generally lie less in this principle than in contrary understandings of the character of faith and of what and how baptism means. continue

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Baptism

Article by   April 2013
Robert Letham, A Christian's Pocket Guide to Baptism: The Water that Unites. Fearn: Christian Focus, 2012. Paper. $7.99.Baptism is one of the more regularly practiced rites in the church, but is likely one of the least understood. Though churches use... continue

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Evangelism, Baptism and Evaluating Church Health

Article by   February 2017
If I've heard it once I have heard it a thousand times: Christians who are members in Reformed Churches tripping over themselves to apologize about how poorly the Reformed Church does evangelism. Related to this is the tried and true... continue

Calvin on the Sacraments

Article by   December 2016
For some, John Calvin seems to be at his most feisty when he writes on the sacraments. Against those who complain that infant baptism is a travesty of the Gospel, in the Institutes he stoutly insists, "these darts are aimed more... continue

Transfigured Hermeneutics - Introduction

Article by   December 2015
The Transfiguration holds great significance within the narratives of the Synoptic gospels and considerable promise for Christian theological reflection more generally. Yet it receives relatively little attention in many quarters, its importance lying underappreciated and unexplored. This neglect may arise... continue

For Paedobaptist Parents

Article by   July 2015
Infant baptism strikes the fear of God into me.Baptism really establishes - in a public, visible manner - a covenant relationship. A love relationship, involving promises and responsibilities, blessings and curses, is begun by a gracious God, who must always... continue

Daddy, am I a Christian?

Article by   June 2015
I appreciate IX Marks ministries, and their desire to take ecclesiology seriously. But I did read this from IX Marks and thought it would be good to interact a little with this perspective:Daughter: Daddy, am I a Christian?Me: If you're... continue

The Case of Corinth, or: How to Introduce Dogmatic and Sacramental Disorder in a Few Easy Steps

Article by   February 2015
Is Paul also among the sacramentarians?When the Apostle uses a word six times in five verses, it is probably worthwhile to pay attention and ask what he is up to. This is what he does with the verb βαπτίζειν in... continue

My Final Post At Reformation 21: Another Deterrent to Evangelism

Article by   January 2015
How many baptisms upon profession of faith have you administered or seen? I asked my church, as well as fellow pastors and ruling elders in the PCA, the same question. Overall, the answer was, 'very few.' Now, one of the... continue

The First Baptist Theologian: Tertullian of Carthage (c.160 - c.225)

Article by   October 2014
A Baptist preacher I know once informed me that while Presbyterians trace their lineage to the 16th century reformer John Calvin, Baptists trace theirs to the first century prophet John the Baptist. Though most Baptists I know aren't hugely invested... continue

Just Add Water (3 of 4)

Article by   October 2014
As this series continues, I wanted to remind you of a couple of disclaimers:The opinions and arguments here are mine and not the arguments of the Alliance.  Hate the player and not the game in this case.The arguments I will... continue

Just Add Water (2 of 4)

Article by   September 2014
This is the second of 4 parts in response to Dr. Mark Jones on the question and meaning of Baptism and the Lord's table as the question stands between Baptistic types who practice a closed table and Presbyterian types who... continue

Just Add Water (1 of 4)

Article by   September 2014
Well, I was going to go on a bit more about the necessity of the local church in the posts headed to this space, but our dear brother in Christ Dr. Mark Jones has done what Presbyterians are prone to... continue

Baptism: What's On My Bookshelves

Article by   June 2014
When I first arrived at seminary, I was appalled that anyone claiming to be Protestant would baptize infants. In my limited understanding, only Roman Catholics conducted themselves in such an unbiblical manner. In my mind, infant baptism may have been... continue

When We Are Tempted to Sin, Look to Our Baptism

Article by   April 2014
When we are tempted to sin, to what or to whom do we look? The standard answer, which is appropriate, is Christ. We look to him, the great healer and physician, the alpha and omega of our faith, by faith.... continue

A few brief thoughts on being Baptist

Article by   November 2012
A few things:First, on the basis of the post on paedobaptism and Presbyterianism, Paul Levy should undertake to leave any future instruction of his interns in grammar, spelling, and the like, to others. A failure to do this will evidently... continue
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