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I had the privilege yesterday, along with the other elders of Second Church, of spending the afternoon and evening (before and after evening worship) hearing professions of faith from applicants for membership in our church.  As is usual for a city church, it was an incredibly diverse group and almost half of them are joining by profession of faith.  Among them were two young couples (early to mid 20's), who fit a mold that I increasingly observe.  First, they are very theologically motivated and speak with great doctrinal intensity.  Second, feeling welcomed and accepted is enormously important to them.  Third, they all evidence a very strong, biblical, and beautiful commitment to gender complementarity.  In separate interviews, two young wives said, "I completely agree with my husband.  But I also trust his judgment and want to following his spiritual leadership."

Swimming with the fishes

Trotter is advocating for Rev. Boadicea, I see. And in the process having a go at us Welsh types. My son Michael, from Sicily, has been sent your number. We know where you live! It's nothing personal; it's strictly business. Might is right, as they say in the Valleys.


Just to let everyone know that, with the relaunch of the Ref21 site, the magazine loses its `grandfathered' status and now has to comply with Federal Directive 27002 (On the Virtual Representation of People of Alternative Gender) and include a woman in our blog discussions.  Thus, in the next few days we will be delighted to welcome as a dissenting voice, the Rev. Boadicea von Ribbentrop to the blog.  Non-hierarchically ordained (in a totally, like, non-elitist fashion and stuff) as a spiritual empowerment facilitator in the completely non-oppressive, egalitarian, anti-institutional Women's Eco-Democratic Spiritual Co-operative of Wales and Beyond, she will no doubt be keeping a close eye on those notorious oppressors of the fairer sex, Messrs Nichols and Lucas, as they join the blog and continue their lifelong campaign to objectify, exploit and dominate `the Other' in a completely unacceptable fashion.  Watch this space!  And watch out, Steve and Sean -- to quote Boadicea;s favorite counseling proverb: `Ve have vays of making you talk!'