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Random Thoughts on Gender, Based on a Small Sample Size

Article by   June 2008
I had the privilege yesterday, along with the other elders of Second Church, of spending the afternoon and evening (before and after evening worship) hearing professions of faith from applicants for membership in our church.  As is usual for a city church,... continue

Swimming with the fishes

Article by   April 2008
Trotter is advocating for Rev. Boadicea, I see. And in the process having a go at us Welsh types. My son Michael, from Sicily, has been sent your number. We know where you live! It's nothing personal; it's strictly business.... continue


Article by   April 2008
Just to let everyone know that, with the relaunch of the Ref21 site, the magazine loses its `grandfathered' status and now has to comply with Federal Directive 27002 (On the Virtual Representation of People of Alternative Gender) and include a... continue
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