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Let's Make Wisdom Great Again

Article by   January 2019
Fake news. Social media outrage. Political polarization. Ideological bullying. These are just a few of the centralizing characteristics of our current social climate in the US. It should not surprise us, then, that our collective cultural head is spinning... continue

Wisdom Christology and the Bread of Life

Article by   September 2017
When Calvin speaks of sharing the Lord's Supper with Christ, covenantal concepts naturally arise, most notable when Calvin is discussing 1 Corinthians 10-11. Throughout his commentaries, Calvin frequently emphasizes that in the Supper we enjoy both the presence and... continue

Wisdom Christology in James and 1 John

Article by   August 2017
In the previous post in this series, we briefly considered how Calvin's appreciation of wisdom theology is particularly present in his comments on the Johannine literature. In Calvin's commentary of 1 John, we discover one of the marks of the wisdom... continue

Wisdom Christology in the Gospel of John: The Prologue

Article by   July 2017
Having grown up in traditional Black churches, I have learned that being Reformed is more than simply assenting to a number of important doctrines (e.g. the doctrine of grace, the regulative principle of worship, covenant theology, etc.). By sitting under... continue

Don't Leave Those Kids Alone

Article by   June 2017
Because of the obsession of what has been called "youth culture," it has been said that 1 Timothy 4:12 ("Let no one despite you for your youth...") may be the most incomprehensible passage in our modern American culture. A... continue

Wise Technological Parenting

Article by   March 2017
It is the apex of foolishness for parents to allow their children to have free and unaccountable access to technology-- smart phones, tablets, iPods, computers, etc. Before I explain the reasons why I believe this, I want to make clear,... continue

Prepping in Biblical Perspective

Article by   November 2016
Like any movement, the prepping community includes a wide range of individuals. From preparing for zombie attacks to doomsday scenarios to hurricanes to simply preparing for the winter season, the underlying motives behind this movement have taken many forms--spanning... continue

Before You Post...

Article by   July 2016
Criticism is usually given much more freely on the internet than in person. It is one of the chief reasons why the internet seems to generate more heat than light. It is so easy to hit that "post" button... continue

Proverbs: Written to Christ, for Christ

Article by   November 2015
Connecting Christ and the Proverbs isn't so easy. How do we read the book of Proverbs as Christians in a way that would distinguish us from how a Jew might read the same book? Also, why then was the book... continue

A web of wisdom

Article by   March 2013
For anyone who may be interested, here's the complete picture:Introduction.Principles 1 and 2.1. Know and watch and guard your heart, cultivating the fear of the Lord.2. Seek wisdom.Principle 3.3. Remember the power of words.Principles 4, 5 and 6.4. Consider your... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #6

Article by   March 2013
Having trawled through the following . . .Introduction.Principles 1 and 2.Principle 3.Principles 4, 5 and 6.Principles 7 and 8.. . . we come to the end:9. Train and restrain your appetites.He who earnestly seeks good finds favour, but trouble will... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #5

Article by   March 2013
What's a Time Lord to do? He dabbles a little in the 17th century and the shadowy fiend known mainly as the Pope of Ealing throws twitterbombs in his direction. He dips an intergalactic toe in the murky waters of... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #4

Article by   March 2013
We're making progress, and I will bundle all these links in due course, but for now we have had . . .Introduction.Principles 1 and 2.Principle 3.Here are principles 4, 5 and 6.4. Consider your testimony and character (digital footprint).The fruit... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #3

Article by   March 2013
So far, the introduction and the first two principles. Today, the most developed of the principles, concerning the power of words. While the applications are specific to social media, I hope that the principles are transferable to any communication.3. Remember... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #2

Article by   March 2013
Following on from part one, in which I suggested that, as with so much else, we should ask the question, "How may I use social media to the glory of God?" Here are the first two principles:1. Know and watch... continue

A web of wisdom: social media to the glory of God #1

Article by   March 2013
Social media is perhaps the most common or popular expression of what is sometimes called Web 2.0. Web 1.0, for those who may be wondering, consisted mainly of static pages containing fixed data. Web 2.0 is the more dynamic, interactive... continue
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