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Carl Trueman, Postmodern Theologian?

Article by   November 2013
Architecturally, Westminster Theological Seminary is a peculiar place. Located north of Philadelphia Pennsylvania on an old estate, at the center of the campus stands an old stone mansion, an homage to bygone days. Wrapped around the mansion--which houses an... continue

Formal Statements by the WTS Administration on Recent Events

Article by   August 2008
From Westminster Theological Seminary president Peter Lillback: As President, I am aware of some concern in our constituency for more clarity on the significance of recent events at Westminster. While the theological direction of Westminster Theological Seminary is ultimately under... continue

Del Venting

Article by   May 2008
It takes the biscuit when Princeton is calling Westminster Seminary for its liberal agenda. My younger brother Trotter was only telling me the other day that this was a sign of postmodrockery, or some such thing as that. Next thing... continue

Westminster Seminary

Article by   May 2008
The Board of Trustees of Westminster Theological Seminary have issued an official statement with respect to recent events concerning Professor Peter Enns, here.... continue
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