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The Westminster Conference 2015: "The Power of God for Salvation"

Article by   June 2015
The Westminster Conference will take place later this year, God willing, in central London at Regent Hall on Oxford Street. As usual, there are two days of lectures and discussion, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December. The outline for the... continue

The Westminster Conference 2014

Article by   December 2014
About 120 people gathered during Tuesday and Wednesday this week at the long-running Westminster Conference. A mix of regulars and newer and younger faces enjoyed a couple of days of theological and historical cogitation.The first day opened with Stephen Clark's... continue

Westminster Conference 2014: "Authentic Calvinism?"

Article by   October 2014
This year's Westminster Conference is within hailing distance (Tue 02 and Wed 03 Dec) and the bookings have begun rolling in. Details can be found on the new website, together with the booking form for those wishing to attend. First... continue

Westminster Conference 2014: "Authentic Calvinism?"

Article by   July 2014
The brochure is available and booking is open for the Westminster Conference 2014. The conference runs from Tuesday 2nd through Wednesday 3rd December, and features six papers, as follows:Holy worldliness? by Stephen ClarkThomas Charles of Bala by Adrian BrakeThe International... continue

The Westminster Conference 2013

Article by   November 2013
The Westminster Conference is taking place on Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th December at Regent Hall on Oxford Street. This year, the topics are, I hope, particularly timely, speaking to current issues and pressing needs in the church of Christ,... continue

Westminster wrap-up

Article by   December 2012
This year's Westminster Conference finished yesterday with a further three papers. The first was, for me, perhaps the highlight of the conference. David Gregson from Reeth gave a paper (the Reeth lecture?) on Blaise Pascal. We considered his life and... continue

Waterpistols at the Westminster Corral

Article by   December 2012
Oh, the ignominy!One moment Mr Levy is speaking of my contribution to the discussion at the Westminster Conference, and the next he dismisses those making contributions as "loony toons." A more sensitive man than I might turn for solace... continue
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