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Aimee Byrd, Todd Pruitt, and Carl Trueman, hosts of the Alliance's Mortification of Spin podcast, recently sat down with's Jonathan Master, Dean of Cairn University's School of Divinity, to talk about the podcast. The conversation covered a wide range of topics as the hosts took some time to reflect on their experience with the podcast so far, some of the impetus behind its creation, how it fits in with their broader ministries, and a few of their favorite episodes. 

Our thanks to Cairn University for hosting Mortification of Spin and producing this video.

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The Mortification of Spin podcast has been airing for a year and a half, attracting tens of thousands of listeners each week. And while there are some issues and certain episodes that we are asked to avoid, remove, or apologize for - we've not succumbed to any of that. BTW - the one thing we hear most often is for more. For more of Carl Trueman, Todd Pruitt and Aimee Byrd - but we suspect they really mean more of Aimee.

So while the actual podcast schedule can't change - it will continue to air each and every Wednesday - we can bring you more content from the hosts. The blog content of Carl from, of Aimee from and of Todd from his blog known as 1517 will all be combined at Mortification of Spin.

There it will sit alongside the podcast, it's archives, the huge archives of these three prolific writers, and soon, new and fun content extras! So the web address will not change - and - but the causal conversation about things that count will grow!

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As a church planter, numbers can often be a consuming topic. Without numbers, or "butts in the seats" as some say, you cannot launch a church plant. Therefore it is a constant prayer of mine, as well as those in our church plant Bible study, that God would bring those into our midst who need to be there.

So far so good...

Why else do we need "butts in the seats"? Is it simply to begin our church plant or even sustain existing churches? According to numerous conversations I have had, the answer is "no." Numbers are important not simply to begin, or sustain, a church but also to ensure budget is met. Without people willfully and freely giving financially to the work of the church, local congregations will struggle. In other words, "butts in the seats" is also a money matter.

When you notice the trajectory toward end-of-the-year giving is likely going to fall wholly short of expectations, "butts in the seat" can evolve into a new meaning. On the one hand, to observe numerical growth can suggest that God is adding to his kingdom. Most, if not all, pastors I know desire a sort of Pentecost experience (i.e., thousands coming to faith under the preaching of the word). But when that does not occur, and the pastor begins to notice the congregation shrinking, worry can set in, especially if one's budget is already a concern. 

"Money talks," as the saying goes. And when times are tough financially, there is a potential danger for people to turn into dollar signs. More people means more money. How do we avoid this? How do we avoid allowing money to take a position in our lives where it should not? People should not morph into dollar signs. Yes, we trust God, but due to the weakness of our faith sometimes it is hard (Matt. 6:25-34). (By the way, presently I am not struggling with this, but I know other ministers who have or are).

What do you think? Reverends Pruitt and Fluhrer: do you have any suggestions?
The Baptist called and want Todd back! 

OK, not really. But Steve Noble of Called2Action Radio, a friend of Southeastern Baptist Seminary, called and chatted Todd up on his Steven Furtick posts.

We don't know this program well, but anyone willing to color inside the lines with Todd are OK by us! So listen up.

"The Mortification of Spin"

For those who don't know of it, you may be interested to hear that Todd Pruitt and Carl "I'm not a celebrity, I'm just high-profile" Trueman are building their empire with a podcast entitled The Mortification of Spin. According to the spin, er . . . blurb, MoS is
a bi-weekly casual conversation about things that count. Carl Trueman and Todd Pruitt serve up a humorous, informal podcast with bite. Join this engaging and thought-provoking conversation on the challenges the Church faces and what counts in the Christian life. Served up with a healthy dose of germane cultural references. Hear for yourself if British accents carry more weight . . .
The first two episodes are on rockstar pastors in Las Vegas (including notes on the imitation of the world and sanctification) and the king's court jester (discussing such matters as suffering and the nature of evil).

I cannot promise moody monochrome videos, and I am not sure who is providing the soundtrack, but if those are not going to be a problem for you, doubtless there may be a few who wish to tune in.