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Preaching Christ

Article by   January 2013
A last snippet, for now, from Thomas Foxcroft's The Gospel Ministry once more, fairly early on in his sermon, exhorting himself and other ministers to preach Jesus in every sense:Ministers then must study to feed their flocks with a continual... continue

The gospel ministry

Article by   January 2013
The following quote is from Benjamin Wadsworth's introduction to The Gospel Ministry by Thomas Foxcroft:The right performance of this work [of gospel ministry] is attended with many and great difficulties, partly from the various, frequent, furious assaults of Satan; partly... continue

Pastoral courage

Article by   January 2013
As promised, a first snippet from Thomas Foxcroft, who advises us as to the correct and necessary balance and relationship between public and private ministerial responsibility. He gives this specific counsel:Private inspection or pastoral visitation is of necessity to the... continue

Review: "The Gospel Ministry"

Article by   January 2013
The Gospel MinistryThomas FoxcroftSoli Deo Gloria (RHB), 87pp, hbkISBN 978-1-56769-061-3This unusual but highly profitable little volume is a preacher's own ordination sermon. It was preached in 1717 by Thomas Foxcroft as he set out to demonstrate to the congregation which... continue
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