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The Westminster Conference 2015: "The Power of God for Salvation"

Article by   June 2015
The Westminster Conference will take place later this year, God willing, in central London at Regent Hall on Oxford Street. As usual, there are two days of lectures and discussion, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December. The outline for the... continue

The Gospel Pure and Simple - Ro24 Comes back to Philadelphia

Article by   August 2013
You can't be serious!' is one of the most common reactions when I tell people we're planning to tackle a serious study of the entire book of Romans in just under 24 hours. You can almost see their minds racing... continue

Sinclair Ferguson Interview

Article by   June 2012
The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, host of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology has partnered with Philadelphia Biblical University to bring world class Reformed pastor theologians to campus.Jonathan Master, Dean of their School of Bible and Ministry, Director of the... continue

Sinclair Ferguson comes to Central PA

Article by   September 2010
News from our friend, Steve Burlew at Banner of Truth Trust,What: Reformation Mini-ConferenceDate: Friday, Oct. 29Time: 6:45 p.m.Place: Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, PASpeaker: Dr. Sinclair FergusonFor attendees there is no cost, registration, or need to RSVP, and there will be no offering... continue
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