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Identifying Our Identity

Article by   May 2018
At present, two popular--yet antithetical--positions about sexuality and identity exist within the orthodox Christian community. In their recently book Transforming Homosexuality, authors Denny Burk and Heath Lambert identify these as the traditional and neo-traditional positions. Both of these positions... continue

A Year After Orlando

Article by   June 2017
As is true of September 11, June 12 is a date in American history that elicits a miasma of emotions. Just one year ago today, one the most tragic mass shootings on American soil took place. The target was clear--the "LGBT" community. It... continue

Sexual Identity Conference

Article by   June 2017
Our friends at Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, GA are hosting a conference with Rosaria Butterfield this Friday night. The theme of the conference is "Sexual Identity and Union with Christ." There will be a Q&A time after her talk. On... continue
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