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Keeping Desire and Temptation in Their Place

Article by   August 2019
In the history of theological debate, one of the most important steps towards doctrinal clarity involves getting the terminology right. The ancient church sorted through the Trinitarian debate by clarifying the distinction between "essence" and "person." Likewise, the Reformation haggled... continue

Identifying Our Identity

Article by   May 2018
At present, two popular--yet antithetical--positions about sexuality and identity exist within the orthodox Christian community. In their recently book Transforming Homosexuality, authors Denny Burk and Heath Lambert identify these as the traditional and neo-traditional positions. Both of these positions... continue

A Year After Orlando

Article by   June 2017
As is true of September 11, June 12 is a date in American history that elicits a miasma of emotions. Just one year ago today, one the most tragic mass shootings on American soil took place. The target was clear--the "LGBT" community. It... continue

Sexual Identity Conference

Article by   June 2017
Our friends at Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, GA are hosting a conference with Rosaria Butterfield this Friday night. The theme of the conference is "Sexual Identity and Union with Christ." There will be a Q&A time after her talk. On... continue
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