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Scotland's Protestant Martyrs: Thomas Forret

Article by   April 2016
The persecution of Protestants in Scotland, at least if measured in martyrdoms, peaked in 1539, shortly after Cardinal David Beaton, a zealous opponent of reform, was appointed primate of the country. Glasgow witnessed the execution of two individuals that year continue

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Is Family-Integrated Worship the Historical Norm?

Article by   February 2016
Advocates of "family-integrated worship" -- a fancy term for keeping kids of every age in church services rather than shuffling them off to the nursery/crèche, Sunday School (UK), or Children's Church (US) -- generally claim their practice as the historical... continue

On Long Sermons and Family Feuds

Article by   December 2015
As is generally known, the Reformation entailed a recovery of preaching as a central feature of worship, a recovery which was rooted in the recognition that Scripture names proclamation of God's law and gospel as the means of creating and... continue

Scotland, Reformed Orthodoxy, and Tobacco

Article by   January 2015
Despite its premature appearance on Mark Jones's Top Ten List Of Books That Will Never Make A Top Ten List, tomorrow marks the official release of Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland: Essays on Scottish Theology 1560-1775 (Bloomsbury Academic). Scholarly views on... continue

A Tale of Christmas, Kirk, and King

Article by   December 2014
As is generally known, the Scottish reformers took a dimmer view of Christmas festivities than their continental peers. When Knox and company drafted the (First) Book of Discipline for the newly Reformed Kirk, they identified Christmas -- along with "holy... continue

The Untied Kingdom?

Article by   September 2014
Over at the British blog, some thoughts on the upcoming Scottish referendum:The outcome of the Scottish vote will, in some measure, in the shorter and longer terms, change the circumstances in which the saints go about their business. But our... continue

Re-thinking the Church in Scotland

Article by   May 2009
Given that the church IN Scotland is much wider and deeper than the Church OF Scotland, I found John Ross's blog very stimulating and thought-provoking. Is it time to re-draw the map? Read John's piece here.... continue

Out and About in Scotland

Article by   May 2009
I have been travelling about a bit over the last couple of weeks, and usually without access to emails, so I haven't been able to comment on the online petition about the General Assembly of the CofS. I never sign... continue

Praying for Scotland

Article by   April 2009
Two very significant items passed across my desk in the last few days. The first is a new book by Tom Lennie, published by Christian Focus Publications, entitled Glory in the Glen. It is one of the best written studies... continue
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