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The Silkworm: Loving Science

Article by   June 2012
Aptitude, discipline, diligence, and patience are necessary for the mastery of some or other department of science. Certain secondary reasons are valid for pursuing science. But the supreme goal should be a pressing on toward God, a genuine curiosity to see what is true. That is what it means to love science. It is the pure and sacred love of knowledge, and then, chiefly, love for the heavenly author of all truth. continue

Star of Bethlehem

Article by   November 2006
  The star was so beautiful, large, and clear,That all the other stars of the skyBecame a white mist in the atmosphere.And by this they knew that the coming was nearOf the Prince foretold in prophecy. Thus wrote Henry Wadsworth... continue

Helm Responds to Vanhoozer

Article by   July 2006
I thank Kevin for his kind personal references, and for his lengthy response to my piece. But it doesn't get to the point, does it? Of course Kevin is not to be tarred with the brushes of Franke, Grenz... continue

Vanhoozer Responds to Helm

Article by   July 2006
I've been reading just about everything Paul Helm writes with great enthusiasm since I first encountered his The Varieties of Belief (1973) during my days as an undergraduate. Moreover, I almost always find myself agreeing with him, even when he... continue

Charles Hodge and the Method of Systematic Theology: a Corrective

Article by   July 2006
In recent times Charles Hodge has come in for a drubbing in connection with his remarks on the nature of what he calls theological science, as these are set out in the first seventeen pages of his Systematic Theology.... continue

Is There a God Gene

Article by   June 2006
What is it that causes some people to be more religious than others? Could it possibly be that some people are genetically predisposed to have certain spiritual experiences? Is there a "god" gene? Some people say that there is, or... continue


Article by   August 2005
 I want to speak with you about the single greatest threat to romantic love in America today, and possibly in human history. I refer, of course, to the ready availability of internet pornography. Nearly ten years ago, before I had... continue

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The Rock Badgers Would Like a Word With Us

Article by   January 2018
Starting with a crazy question, Danielle Spencer taught her children about God's sovereign provision. Here is a brief part of their discussion: "Do you know what would happen if the world suddenly stopped spinning?" I asked my kids during our morning... continue

Very Superstitious

Article by   August 2017
Many Christian social commentators have lamented the devolution of American culture into a form of anti-culture. It is certainly true that the rejection of the Christian religion in our society has led to moral degeneration within our culture. However,... continue

A Christian in the Secular Academy

Article by   May 2017
When many individuals think of the life of a college professor, the general perception they have formed (fueled by articles such as this) is that we only work for a few days a week and have the entire summer... continue
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