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Freedom is a joke. Specifically, a satirical joke

Article by   January 2015
The recent terrorist attack in Paris highlights perhaps the great political dilemma of the current age, that of Western freedoms being used to destroy Western freedoms. But perhaps just as importantly, its target was perfectly chosen. continue

Results tagged “Satire” from Reformation21 Blog

An open letter to worship leaders

Article by   June 2015
Dear Comrades in Pursuit of the Chief End of Man,I have rarely (alright, never) been asked to give input regarding the weekly "worship set." However, having witnessed Christian worship in local churches, Christian camps, seminary chapels, and other venues over the... continue

Not quite Charlie Hebdo

Article by   January 2015
It is not particularly surprising but it is disappointing. Furthermore, it is dangerous. It is in some respects the typical kneejerk reaction to current events (by which I mean events over the last few months, even years, rather than merely... continue
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