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Union with Christ and Sanctification

Article by   August 2014
One of the chief benefits of the recent debates regarding sanctification is a renewed emphasis on the believer's union with Christ through faith. If we realize how often the apostle Paul situates our salvation "in Christ," we will also realize that Christ truly is the fountain of every spiritual blessing for the Christian. It is for this reason that the fourth affirmation of the Gospel Reformation Network on the gospel and sanctification highlights the centrality of union with Christ: continue

The Gospel Includes Sanctification

Article by   July 2014
In this article, I want to examine the third of the Affirmations & Denials of the Gospel Reformation Network, which makes a point at the very heart of our concern in presenting a balanced view of the gospel: We affirm that the gospel provides salvation for the whole man, including man's need for both imputed and imparted righteousness. Matthew's Gospel tells us that Jesus began his ministry in Galilee, where he went "proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people" (Mt.4:23). continue

Sanctification and the Heidelberg Catechism, Part Two

Article by   July 2014
The HC gives serious and careful attention to the requirements of God's law as a guide for the Christian life (Q. 92-113). This section does not teach sinners how to live in order to be saved, as if salvation could be earned by works of the law. Rather, it teaches those who are already saved through faith in Christ how to "behave towards God" and "what duties we owe to our neighbor" (Q. 93). continue

The Gospel and Total Depravity

Article by   June 2014
This month, I want to continue in my studies of the Affirmations and Denials on the Gospel and Sanctification, which touch upon so many significant issues. Having started with Article 1, which says that Legalism Is a Real Problem, I move now to Article 2, The Gospel and Total Depravity. We start with the affirmation: We affirm that unregenerate man, being totally depraved, is unable to obey or please God unto salvation. continue

Legalism is a Real Problem

Article by   May 2014
Legalism and self-righteousness are perennial problems that are endemic to the fallen condition of man. As Sinclair Ferguson has written, legalism "is embedded in the heart of man almost from the very day of his creation." (1) This is universally true of the unbeliever who, having neglected Christ, can only point to his or her own deeds for acceptance with God. But legalism is also a constant danger to the believer in Christ, who is constantly tempted to base his or her acceptance with God on moral or spiritual performance. continue

Thank God that Christians Are Not Totally Depraved

Article by   November 2012
One of the most pressing concerns in Reformed churches today is the importance of getting the gospel right. Recently, Reformed churches have had to oppose the Federal Vision theology, which compromises justification by inserting good works into the definition of faith. Unfortunately, Christians tend to defend doctrines by erring in the opposite direction. So it is that Reformed churches are presently facing a corruption of the gospel by the virtual denial of sanctification and good works. continue

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Which is better: Justification or Sanctification?

Article by   November 2014
Why do we love justification and sanctification? And do we love one more than the other?If you've ever been in a position where you think you might die, your theology really begins to matter, and you learn a great deal... continue

Church Planting Burdens: A Desire to Succeed

Article by   October 2014
As I was leaving Wal-mart earlier today, I noticed a woman, in a red and white checkered dress, holding a sign that said, "Success is only mentioned in the KJV once. Check Joshua 1:8." Is that the only time the... continue

Holding the centre

Article by   June 2014
Having been away on holiday for a week (yes, delightful, thank you for asking), I return to find that things continue much as they were, except that Mark Jones has joined Team Reformation21, and Paul has allowed him to write... continue

The rebel and the king

Article by   June 2014
(I first posted this about two years ago, but it seems germane, so I am going over the ground again.)Consider the man born into a family of terrorists. The man's father had rebelled against the King of the kingdom in... continue

An Apologie

Article by   June 2014
Thanks to Carl (sort of) for the Introduction. But the man he speaks about is not me, I promise. I have lots of friends on Facebook, but do plan to purge some of the less trustworthy ones. I hope to... continue

Don't Believe the Lie: Email Is Not the Best Option

Article by   February 2014
According to this 1995 commercial, "American Online is making it easier for people to live, work, and play." In part, this is true. Ordering roses for our spouse, checking the weather, arranging family vacations, and watching the news is much... continue

The Church: The Place for Those in Perfect Health

Article by   February 2014
On numerous occasions I have been told that the church is like a hospital for the sick. The illness is sin; the remedy is Christ. We, therefore, attend church to receive our diagnosis and to gladly hear and embrace its... continue

All that Grace Does!

Article by   June 2013
This coming Monday evening, June 17, we begin our pre- PCA General Assembly conference, hosted at Second Presbyterian Church of Greenville by the Gospel Reformation Network.  The conference is titled, "What Grace Does."  Too often today, salvation is preached as... continue

Misconceptions about Justification and Sanctification

Article by   December 2012
I have benefited from reading the comments on the wide variety of blogs that have picked up the discussion between Tullian Tchividjian and me on the subject of total depravity, the Christian, and the doctrine of sanctification.  In some respects,... continue

Oh to Grace How Great a Debtor -- A Reply to Tullian Tchividjian

Article by   December 2012
I was glad to see some some constructive dialogue in the comments section of Tullian Tchividjian's reply to my critique of his article on total depravity and Christians.  Let me say at this point (even though I look forward to the day... continue

Surface repairs

Article by   October 2012
The home which God has given to me and my family is one for which I am deeply grateful. However, as with cars, computers and bodies, home-owning is one of the great demonstrators of entropy. In my case, though, it... continue

Highlights from Walter Marshall's "Gospel Mystery of Sanctification" (4)

Article by   March 2012
Walter Marshall's Directions 4-9 from Gospel Mystery of Sanctification emphasize that in the pursuit of holiness the order is Gospel then godliness, not godliness then Gospel. Direction Four The means or instruments by which the Spirit of God accomplishes our... continue

Highlights from Walter Marshall's "Gospel Mystery of Sanctification" (3)

Article by   March 2012
So far, as we have pointed to some highlights of Walter Marshall's justly lauded book, "Gospel Mystery of Sanctification," we have learned the following from him about growth in grace in the Christian life: 1. Those who have been saved... continue

Highlights from Walter Marshall's "Gospel Mystery of Sanctification" (2)

Article by   February 2012
In our first highlight from Walter Marshall's "Gospel Mystery" we saw no antipathy to the ideas of the believer's duty or to the believer's aspiration to holiness or to the believer's endeavor to obey the moral law. Marshall says, to repeat,... continue

Highlights from Walter Marshall's "Gospel Mystery of Sanctification"

Article by   February 2012
John Murray famously commended Walter Marshall's "Gospel Mystery of Sanctification" as the best book ever written on the subject. Recently, however, some sound divines have become suspcious of the work, in part because of who is citing it and because... continue

What Goes Up Must Have Come Down

Article by   January 2012
Recent online debates over the proper pastoral use of biblical commands in the lives of believers have left me a bit bewildered. Apparently, some would see these commands merely as descriptions of the Christian's deficiencies, the spiritual equivalent of a... continue

A Question of Balance? Some Final Comments on Sanctification and the Role of the Law

Article by   August 2011
Again I want to express my thanks to my good friend Sean Lucas for his careful contributions to this important discussion.  Before audience fatigue sets in completely I do want to respond briefly to three issues he raises in his... continue

Sanctification and the Gospel: A Surrejoinder to Sean Lucas

Article by   August 2011
I want to thank my good friend Sean Lucas for his Reformation21 rejoinder to my previous post.  We have corresponded privately on this issue, but given the prominence of this internet discussion, I also think that a public response is... continue

A Rejoinder on Sanctification and the Gospel

Article by   August 2011
I am so thankful that my friend Bill Evans has waded into the important historical and theological conversation on sanctification. There is so much good and right with his piece on "Sanctification and the Nature of the Gospel" that I... continue

Sanctification and the Nature of the Gospel

Article by   August 2011
As one who has been studying the peculiar history of Reformed soteriology (i.e., the doctrine of salvation) for a number of decades now, I have followed some recent blog exchanges with considerable interest.  In a stimulating piece available on the... continue
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