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Aquinas Reconsidered

Article by   February 2018
Scott Oliphint's highly negative verdict on the thought of Thomas Aquinas, demands some response if only because of the need to have, in Reformed circles, the balanced understanding of Aquinas' theology and philosophy that Oliphint fails to provide. continue

Aslan Is On The Move...

Article by   December 2005
When viewing a film, while it is important to pay attention to its narrative, it is also very important not to simply or exclusively concentrate on the narrative. The artistic elements of filmmaking convey aesthetic and worldview choices as much... continue

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Article by   September 2018
With Anatheism: Returning to God after God, Richard Kearney carries on a tradition of philosophy "after the death of God." Building upon philosophers such as Paul Ricoeur and Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Kearney finds himself squarely within the continental tradition of philosophy... continue

Aquinas Reconsidered

Article by   February 2018
Richard A. Muller, Review of Thomas Aquinas by K. Scott Oliphint, foreword by Michael A. G. Haykin (Phillipsburg, NJ: P&R Publishing, 2017).Scott Oliphint's highly negative verdict on the thought of Thomas Aquinas demands some response if only because of the... continue

Giving the Devil His Due

Article by   May 2017
Giving the Devil His Due: Demonic Authority in the Fiction of Flannery O'Connor and Fyodor Dostoevsky By Jessica Hooten Wilson Cascade Books, 2017 156 pages, paper, $21.00 It is a sad and tragic irony that many private Christian schools... continue

An Analysis of "Deviant Calvinism" (Part 1)

Article by   May 2015
The question of how diverse the Reformed tradition is is an important topic of consideration. I have co-edited a volume on Reformed diversity in the seventeenth century, and later this year I have another co-edited volume coming out on Reformed... continue

Logos 6 arrives

Article by   October 2014
The friends at Faithlife were kind enough to send me an advance copy of Logos 6 to play around with. Current users of Logos will already have a pretty good notion of what they are dealing with. New or prospective... continue

Review: "Finding Faithful Elders and Deacons"

Article by   February 2013
Finding Faithful Elders and DeaconsThabiti M. AnyabwileCrossway (IX Marks), 2012, 176pp., paperback, $10.99ISBN 978-1-4335-2992-4Although the lion's share of this book is devoted to the eldership, the valuable space afforded to the diaconate is much appreciated, if only because helpful treatments... continue

Review: "What is the Mission of the Church?"

Article by   February 2013
What is the Mission of the Church? Making Sense of Social Justice, Shalom, and the Great CommissionGreg Gilbert & Kevin DeYoungCrossway, 2011, 288pp., paperback, $15.99ISBN 978-1-4335-2690-9Contributing to the ongoing debate in the "young, restless and reformed" movement about the nature... continue

Review: "Developing a Healthy Prayer Life"

Article by   February 2013
Developing a Healthy Prayer Life: 31 Meditations on Communing with GodJames W. Beeke and Joel R. BeekeReformation Heritage Books, 2010, 99pp., paperback, $10 / £7.50ISBN 978-1-60178-112-3This is the first in a planned series of volumes providing 31 meditations on a... continue

Review: "Pastors in the Classics"

Article by   January 2013
Pastors in the Classics: Timeless Lessons on Life and Ministry from World LiteratureLeland Ryken, Philip Ryken & Todd WilsonBaker Books, 2012, 192pp., paperback, $16.99ISBN 978-0-8010-7197-3This is an odd book. It is not a bad book, but it is hard to... continue

Review: "The Public Ministry of Christ"

Article by   January 2013
The Public Ministry of ChristWilliam G. BlaikieThis volume, first published in 1883, bridges the disciplines of Christology and pastoral theology, and its author will need no commendation to those who value Scriptural studies that blend scholarship and devotion. Blaikie's contention,... continue

Review: "The Gospel Ministry"

Article by   January 2013
The Gospel MinistryThomas FoxcroftSoli Deo Gloria (RHB), 87pp, hbkISBN 978-1-56769-061-3This unusual but highly profitable little volume is a preacher's own ordination sermon. It was preached in 1717 by Thomas Foxcroft as he set out to demonstrate to the congregation which... continue

Review: "Lectures to my Students"

Article by   January 2013
Lectures to my StudentsC. H. SpurgeonVarious publishers and editionsEvery Friday afternoon Charles Spurgeon would head down to the Pastors' College - of all the institutions in which he was involved, the one that was perhaps dearest to his great heart... continue

Review: "Peter: Eyewitness of His Majesty"

Article by   November 2012
Peter: Eyewitness of His MajestyEdward DonnellyBanner of Truth, 1998, 160pp., paperback, £6.50ISBN 0-85151-744-7We might imagine that we know Simon Peter. His character seems to lie splayed on the pages of the New Testament. Yet, at the same time, we may... continue

Review: "Pillars of Grace"

Article by   November 2012
A Long Line of Godly Men (Volume 2, AD100 - 1564): Pillars of GraceSteven J. LawsonReformation Trust, 2011, 543pp., hardback, $28.00ISBN 978-1-56769-211-2Volume One (Foundations) in this series concentrated on the doctrines of sovereign grace as displayed through the entirety of... continue

Review: "The Intolerance of Tolerance"

Article by   October 2012
The Intolerance of ToleranceD. A. CarsonIVP, 2012, 200pp., paperback, £12.99 (UK) / Eerdmans, 2012, 196pp, hardback, $24 (US)ISBN 9781844744053 / 9780802831705The central premise of this book is that a true and proper tolerance defends both the right of others to... continue

Review: "Wise Counsel: John Newton's Letters to John Ryland Jr."

Article by   October 2012
Wise Counsel: John Newton's Letters to John Ryland Jr.Grant Gordon (ed.)Banner of Truth, 2009 (428pp, hbk)ISBN 9781848710535Almost every young minister of the gospel could do with a Newton. They may not always realise that they need a Newton, but they... continue

Review: "Am I Really A Christian?"

Article by   October 2012
Am I Really A Christian?Mike McKinleyCrossway, 2011, 160pp., paperback, $12.99 / £8.99ISBN 978-1-4335-2576-6We must be able to give the right answer for the right reasons to this all-important question, because heaven or hell hang upon that answer. Mike McKinley's book... continue

Review: "Matthew Henry: His Life and Influence"

Article by   September 2012
Matthew Henry: His Life and InfluenceAllan HarmanChristian Focus, 2012, 208pp., paperback, £8.99ISBN 9781845507831While Matthew Henry's commentary, though sneered at in some quarters, remains rightly esteemed, the man himself is often little more than a cipher. Though in a style that... continue
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