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Critiquing the Klinean Doctrine of Republication: A review article

Article by   March 2015
Currently, there is considerable discussion - both within the academy and within the Church - concerning the doctrine of republication. In its most basic form, republication is the belief that "the Mosaic covenant [is] to be considered in some sense a republication of the Adamic covenant of works." (p.1) In the opinion of those who hold republication views, such an understanding of the Mosaic covenant has been a long-held, although recently-neglected, position within Reformed covenant theology. continue

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Some thoughts on the Mosaic Covenant

Article by   September 2014
I have read with profit Mark Jones's recent posts on the covenant of works (see here and here), having benefited from his other writings on this topic as well. Such theological clarity and historical awareness are much to be appreciated when it comes... continue

I Know Nothing

Article by   September 2014
The Baptists love their water; The Covenanters love their Psalter;But mess with the Klineans, You'll soon be on the altar!The good folk at Ref21 - that is, the top men - were so chuffed with my entrance into this intra-Reformed debate, that... continue

Republication Debates

Article by   September 2014
A regrettable piece was published on the Aquila report concerning the Reformed doctrine of republication. I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry. In it the author claims that the views of Meredith G. Kline represent "historic, mainstream Reformed... continue
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